I loved Brian Jacques' Redwall series back then before I found my way into Warriors. Redwall was the huge inspiration behind this story. Fun to read!

Plot: A herb named Hickory sets out with his friends to find a milestone with powers that can help him find out who his parents are and where they are.


One day, in a forested glade, there was an herb named Hickory Bayleaf. He was an herb of 19 seasons old, just one season since he acquired a status of maturity. He lived a pretty normal life as an architect, planning houses.

His King and Queen, Basil and Parsley were good herbs and passed rightful laws. He was a big reader, and since royal archives are one of his favorite kinds of books, it did not escape his mind when the Sword of The Herbs, Basil's sword, was the same sword he had been practicing with and polishing in his cellar. Because of this, he soon was very skilled with it. His neighbors asked him how he found the Sword.

"I don't know," he nervously replied, "Maybe I just got it as a souvenir."

The next day, he went to the Public Herb Library. He went to the royal archives section. When Hickory got there, he saw that there were new arrivals in the hands of a sales herb named Thyme. Hickory and Thyme knew each other very well because they became good friends ever since they first met.

"Hi, Thyme!" exclaimed Hickory, "I'm so glad to see you! May I see one of those books, the little red one?"

"Sure!" said Thyme.

And Thyme gave him the book. He read its title, "A History of Herb Nobility-Very Recent" "Wonderful!" Hickory said gleefully, "I better check out what's in the thing."

He skipped to the most recent happenings and read,

"June 11, 600 AD, The King Basil and Queen Parsley's son, Hickory, has been mysteriously disappeared from the noble part of the glade. Parsley, being heartbroken, sent a search party all over that part of the glade but to no avail. Basil didn't seem to notice the action except putting on a confused face and sweating...

"Oh… so that's why they've been so sad lately," Then he cried, remembering that he grew up without knowing parents of his own.

He dried his tears and found an herb behind him…

"Who is that?" Hickory said, "Can't you leave me alone?"

The herb was saying nothing but, "Hickory...Hickory…"

"Who is it?"

"It's only your cousin!" roared Thyme.

There was a long pause as everybody looked suspiciously at Thyme who was now turning red with shame. To break the silence which was extremely uncomfortable for Thyme, Hickory spoke and shook his cousin's hand.

"Well, if it isn't my long-time-no-see cousin, Licorice Lintel! How very nice of you to see me!" smiled Hickory, "I hope you haven't broken your phloem after that fall? Hahahahahahahaha!" "Yeah, tell me about it,"

Then they went strolling about, telling each other their stories. "Well, this is a wonderful place to live. Just exquisite!"

"Then you should see Hithgoria, my palace!" Licorice Lintel said as he got a little turquoise book with brass bindings and with a picture of a golden -red dragon.

"Hey Thyme, may I borrow the tale of Silky the Dragon-Fly? Here's my library card."

"Sure!" replied Thyme, "Here you go,"

Suddenly, Nutmeg crept in bruised and battered. Thyme leered a bit because of the sight and was really worried.

"Nutmeg, what's happened to you?!"

"Mutton shot me with an arrow and slashed me at my shoulder. Hithgoria is safe. Well, my work here is done. Goodbye."

"Don't speak of such things." Thyme said trying hard to stay calm.

But Nutmeg said, "Thyme, you have been my friend for too long. So I now pronounce you the New General of the herbs. Goodbye…" and he died.

Everyone broke in tears for the Captain of the Guard of Hithgoria.

Suddenly, Rosemary burst in.

"Eeek! Brother, why is Nutmeg lying dead on the floor?" she asked frightened.

Thyme was obviously scared.

"Err…well…um I can explain…"

Then a large "OWWWWWW!" was heard clearly by all herbs in the library. "What did you do that for?" Thyme said wincing.

At that moment, all herbs in the Library laughed. The library was full of laughter, and sorrow. They all walked out carrying the body of Nutmeg. Hickory's eyes were closed as he sadly walked out of the Library when suddenly he tripped against a book that was dropped by Thyme when he saw Nutmeg wounded on the floor. He read it…

They soon arranged the funeral of Nutmeg, and Rosemary was very full of sorrow because she was the fiancée of Nutmeg. As the two Hickories were eating grilled phytonutrients, Hickory Bayleaf asked as he chewed on a mineral, "I didn't… grrmph… know my parents… mmmff... you know." He continued, "And as I read about in a book I tripped upon before leaving the Library, the way to rediscovering my past is to find the Milestone of Seasons Past. It said it has magical powers."

Licorice Lintel stood up and said, "Well Hickory, until we meet again."

And Licorice Lintel went away with Clove, Thyme, Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon and Rose.

"Well, I think I must set off on a quest too."

He ran after the group, saying, "Hey guys, wait for me!"

And he strode into the West… and right into the Ham's hovel! He was off to wander alone trying to recall his mysterious past…