How do you heal a broken heart?
When kisses and hugs just aren't enough
The weakest of all are seen as most tough
Truth to be told, it's all just a bluff

Why do we hurt and doubt ourselves
As we dwell on our nightmares 'cause nobody cares
There's no magical creatures, no love in the air
There is truth in myths, but not in fairy-tales

Where will I be at the end of the line
Would I wish for more time and steal what's not mine?
Or would I be great, despite my mistakes
Make myself proud to shout who I am out loud..

When the walls fall and come crashing down
There will be no one around to catch the sound
Of a heart breaking
Like a star exploding.

What do you say to a lost generation?
A thousand and one ways to crush a whole nation
My heart to the people made strong by their kindness
Maybe one day we'll find us

Who will be there when your heart is bleeding
Broken and bruised, crushed and shattered
Put them back, count the pieces
Build me back like puzzle pieces.