i touch up red lipstick so i'll look dangerous
when we go out for a cigarette and i know
last week you told my boyfriend you were
worried cause i smoked five in a row

tonight he doesn't know you're here and
i know you've been waiting for this
so come on baby and let's do this let's
sign the deal and seal it with a kiss, that's
how all the demons do it
or so they say

you're angry and i'm broken and
no one needs to know but you and me
if we can just hold it together long enough to
stumble into another alley
another bar bathroom
another dirty shed

i'll let you act out your darkest fantasies, here's your
chance for twisted glory, here's your chance to
be the bad guy, i'm the whore from your
favorite nightmares and god knows god knows i'm
using you to kill the parts of me
that keep me screaming and shaking at night

this girl wants you to hurt her, wants you to
offer her another shot before driving her home
with the headlights off