Character 1

Professor Zacherie Flannery is a quirky fellow sort of like the mad hatter. He can be cheery and chipper one day and plotting your doom the next. The professor will have one of two things in his hands; a book or lab equipment. The professor is fluent in no less than eighteen languages, thinks outside the box, has a photographic memory and thinks outside the box. As a scientist he works with many chemicals and unrecognizable equipment. As a engineer he has created many things from half real half robotic animals to a suit similar to iron mans just... unusable.

The man is not actually a professor as he has no qualifications and therefor no degree but he has indeed earned the title as his work is something to be desired, even if the man himself is a little screwy in the head.

The professor – born in the wrong century – wears a brown top hat; a dusty thing with patches on it from where he has resown it over and over. His lad coat was once white but is now multicolored – much like his personality – resown with different materials until none of the remaining coat is left, apart from that one square inch on his right shoulder.

His glasses/goggles and his multiple brown belts with bags of syringes, glass tubes and seemingly endless bits and bobs give him a steampunk sort of look. His clothes never match. A jumper and shorts one day, a Hawaiian top and sweats the next. And on his feet – everyday and looking a bit tired – are floppy eared bunny slippers.

The professor is a kindly fellow in his middle forties. Never married and no children but he does show a bit of interest in the woman across the hall Professor Sofie Spengler and son(Kingsly).

The professors eyes are always covered up by his goggles that make his eyes impossible to see. From the few times one does see the professor's eyes he seem to have one(right) blue and the other(left) brown. But one can never be sure.

He has short brown hair that sticks up like a hedgehogs around his top hat from lack of being brushed. He has a kindly face – when he reveals it – that has a lot of laughter lines on it. He has one scar across his right cheek from an explosion.

The professor has one true friend who is always there when he needs her. His fish Mila. This strange and uncommon creature is a type of aquatic mammal. It's about the size of a minke whale, has four powerful side fins, a short, ribbon-like dorsal fin and a huge, muscular tail.
They have a soft, smooth skin which is usually either dark grey, dark blue or black or a combination of these colors. Mila is a beautiful shade of sapphire blue.

They live in the depths of the Bermuda. They're herbivores and their fairly large mouths, their teeth and short tongue are ideal for eating soft corals.

They're nocturnal and rely on their taste buds and hearing to get around. They do have small, elliptic eyes, but their sight is relatively poor. They have wide noses and small, standing ears. Their heads are long and narrow in comparison to their bodies.

They make sounds ranging from extremely low pitched to fairly low pitched and have a limited range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.

These creatures are quite intrusive, but they won't defend their territory much. They mate twice to three times a year and they mate with one or two partners throughout life. Which, with their short lifespans, is only normal.

Mila – as well as listening to the professors endless rambles – acts as a guard dog as her tank is place near the front door of the lab and she makes a rather loud noise whenever someone enters.

The professor was born and grew up in a small family in a broken port, he lived comfortably until he was about 8 years old, at that point things took a turn for the worst.

He lost his family in a volcanic eruption and was headed for a life of crime. With a photographic memory and a knack for thinking outside the box he had to survive on the streets alone. But with his genius and determination, he managed to overcome all odds and face all obstacles. This has turned him into the man he is today.

Still affected by the past, he now works as help for hire. By doing so, he hopes to support a new, honest life and finally find pleasureful life he has never had. With his few friends in life he hopes that he can also fix his broken mind.