Kristy's Christmas

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Kristy was in her room sulking. She looked at the few toys she had on her bed- a wooden doll, a rag doll, and a few stuffed animals . She knew she had more toys than some of the other children, but she wanted even more toys especially fancier ones that the rich children have.

"Why can't I get everything I want?" she quietly asked herself.

"Nobody can get everything they want," she heard a voice say to her.

She wondered who said that because she knew it wasn't the voice of her father or her mother. She looked all around her room for the voice and outside the window too but she saw nobody. A second later a beautiful angel wearing a white robe and wings appeared in front of her shinning like the sun.

"Who are you she asked?"

"I am your guardian angel," said her guardian angel. Your family has been praying to God for you, and God has sent me to help you become a selfless person and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

She looked at him expectantly.

"I am going to take you on a journey," he said to her..

He lifted her in his arms and they floated out the window. The air outside felt like ice and Kristy was wearing only her nightgown but her guardian angel kept her warm by keeping her enfolded in his large robes. They floated upwards until they were inside a cloud. She looked down and noticed how high she was. The clouds made her vision misty, but she was still able to see the snow white roofs below her. They floated higher until they were above the clouds and she was able to see clusters of stars. There was a star plunging towards the earth with a streak behind it.

"Look, a shoot star; I love shooting stars," she said.

"It is one of God's great wonders," he told her.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"To visit a family," he answered

"Do I know them?"

"You have never met them before."

They passed by another shooting star.

"Why are you taking me to see them?"

"To teach you something."

"Will they be able to see me?"


By the time she finished asking her guardian angel questions they were almost there. Her guardian angel began to lowered himself and Kristy down to earth again. The cloud that they were passing through made the air look misty. When they passed through it, the air became clear again though it was dark. She saw the snow white houses below her which got bigger while they were getting closer to earth. Finally they landed on the snow.

"Are we going to see the family in that house?" she asked her guardian angel while pointing to the nice looking yellow one to the right. She hoped to see the inside of the house because she was pretty sure that if a house looked nice on the outside it must look nice on the inside, but looks are often deceiving.

"No, we are going to visit the family in the house next to it."

The house next to it was not much to look at. There were holes in roofs that were stuffed with straw or paper. The porch seemed to be crumbing and the wood was splintering.

Her guardian angel took her inside the house where she saw two children and boy and a girl playing with sticks and pretending that they were toys. The little girl held her stick in her arms as if it were a doll and was rocking it to sleep while the boy had the sticks fight each other as if they were toy soldiers. Both of the children were very thin and wore rags. The children were playing on the bare floor because there were no rugs at all. There was only one stick of furniture in the room, an old lumpy couch, and the fire from the fire place was very small.

An older child also dressed in rags came into the room and said to her siblings, it's time for dinner.

The guardian angel and Kristy followed them to the kitchen and saw the whole family. There were 5 children in the family with a mother and a father all of them were very thin and dressed in rags. There was a glass of water in front of each member of the family and the mother took out a pot of snow peas and carrots. It wasn't a lot but it was enough for everybody.

"Wow! This looks really good!" said one of the children.

"I like eating carrots they taste a little sweet," said another child.

"Can we help ourselves now?" the third child asked.

"No, we must say grace first," the father answered.

Everybody bowed their heads.

"Let us be thankful for the food our Lord in his generous bounty gave us today."


Everybody began to eagerly help themselves to the food .

"This is so good honey," the father said to his wife, after he ate a few green beans."

"And the carrots taste even better," said the oldest son.

"I can't wait till we sing Christmas Carols tomorrow," said one of the daughters. "We should sing about bells. They are my favorite Christmas Carols."

"Maybe we can go outside tomorrow and look at the Christmas decorations in the church and othr peoples, houses, that would be fun wouldn't it?" another child said before she drank some water to quench her thirst.

"It would be, said another child. " I love the church; it is so big and they have a very large manger scene in it."

He plunged his fork into the green beans and brought them to his mouth. The beans crunched in his teeth a little while he was chewing them.

"I love looking at the Sheppard's, the sheep, the oxen, and the other figurines especially Jesus lying in manger on a straw," said another child.

"I can't wait for Santa Clause to come tonight, he gave me a nice present last year," the youngest child said while she held up a very small wooden doll.

"This is a great day, and tomorrow will be even greater," said the father. "I am so happy to be here with my family."

Kristy was amazed while she was watching them. She wondered why a family so poor should be so happy and enjoying a meal that was bland.

"Guardian Angel?"

"Yes, Kristy?"

"The meal that they are eating is plain and boring even the meals that I eat at home are much better. Why are they enjoying it?"

"Because they haven't eaten anything in 2 days," he answered her.

They continued to silently watch the family eat and enjoy their meal. There was no doubt that the spirit of Christmas was inside them and they were grateful to God for what they had; though they had so little.

Kristy began to ponder it in her mind. This family has almost nothing, yet they are happy, while I who have more than they do am not happy. I realize now that it isn't fancy clothes, nice toys, grand feasts, and expensive Christmas decorations on large trees that makes a person happy, but gratitude to God and, kindness towards each other. Then she began to feel a little remorse. I have been acting terribly towards other people. I realize that I am the only one making myself unhappy, because I preferred things to people. I'm going to change.

"My Guardian Angel, I'm sorry for being so mean to everybody and for being ungrateful to God. If that family who has so little and can be so happy then so can I. I will be a good little girl from now on."

That was what her guardian angel wanted to hear from her. He knew he accomplished his mission.

Her Guardian Angel lifted her up in his arms and he took her back home, and tucked her in her bed. Kristy fell fast asleep.

The next morning she felt that somebody was pushing and pulling her until she opened her eyes. At first she felt groggy and didn't know where she was but a second later she realized that she was in her own bedroom, and that the person who was pushing and pulling her was Tom.

"Santa Clause is here, and there are lots of peasants under the tee!" he shouted in excitement. Tom had trouble with rs. Kristy walked towards the parlor with Tom and wondered what they have received from Santa Clause.

I know that I will receive coal this year because, and the rest of my family will receive nice gifts but I will be happy because they will be, she thought.

When they got to the parlor everybody else was there already, and the father was handing out presents to everybody. The wrappings were being torn apart revealing the presents. Everyone was talking at the same time.

"A pendant, I always wanted one!" the mother exclaimed.

"A bear!" Tim said excitedly while he hugged the very large teddy bear.

"Nice warm gloves, I wanted them for a long time," the father said.

"A choo choo train!" Tom and Pete exclaimed.

"Here is your present darling," the father said while he handed a preasant to her.

Kristy tore her paper off until her present was revealed, and what it revealed delighted her for it wasn't coal like she expected to receive, but a nice little wooden doll with long curly brown hair, a red dress , and a petticoat.

"She's beautiful mama," Kristy said while she showed her new doll to her mother.

"She is lovely dear," her mother answered her.

"She is not as fancy as Mary's doll, but I love her; her hair is so soft that I can actually comb it, and I love the petticoat that she is wearing." "I see you have a nice present too, she said while she fingered her mother's heart shaped pendant.

"Yes, it is lovely," said the mother.

"I'm sorry for being so mean to everybody, and for being ungrateful to you and God. I'm going to be a good girl from now on."

"We hope you will be," the mother said.

"It is time to get ready for church," said the father.

Everybody got up and began to head for their bedrooms.

"I am so happy, we have a Christmas tree, and presents and that we are going to have a nice meal later on; not to mention the fun I'm going to have with my cousins when they come over today, and I'm glad I have you guys, and I'm glad that we are celebrating baby Jesus' birthday." she said to them.

"And we are glad that you are happy too," said her father.

Epilog: Kristy's parents wondered how she changed overnight. They knew that it was a miracle from God and they were grateful to him for that, but Kristy never told them what happened that night. In fact, Kristy never told anyone about her journey with her guardian angel, until she told the story to her grandchildren many years later.

The End.