"Chances are, if you're a gay guy in high school, by the time you're a senior, you've learnt how to take a punch."

Ian Kennedy is angry. Angry at the way he's always been treated. Angry at his parents for feeling that they need to walk on eggshells around him. And most of all, he's angry at his best friend's teammates who beat him up last summer. Now he's back at school and he wants revenge. As they all say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Warning: slash

Chapter 1:

May 2011

"Hey honey, how're you feeling?" Mom peered at me from the door, a concerned look on her face. It had been this way every morning since Jay's teammates had hospitalised me when they found out I was gay. My parents were always fussing, acting over-protective and generally being caring parents. And in the beginning, I had kinda liked how they ran to do my bidding. How they never ignored me, and paid attention to my every word.

But now...

I was so over it.

I was bored of lying in my bed all day with my leg and arm in a cast, unable to enjoy my summer. The doctor had said that I was lucky, getting injured during vacations. At least I wasn't missing weeks of school, and wouldn't be stuck playing catch-up when I was okay.

Yeah, like that was such a silver lining.

I was annoyed at Jayden, my best friend, too. He wasn't visiting me enough, considering that it was his fault I'd gotten hurt in the first place. He was the one who'd accidentally let out to Aaron that I played for the other team.

He was such a fucking idiot.

Aaron was one of the assholes who had messed me up, one of the guys in the football team. That's how Jay knew him.

This whole situation really sucked. Jay's teammates had been nice to me, had regarded me as their friend, simply because they figured that being Jay's buddy entitled me to some respect.

In fact, they found out I was gay because Aaron was suggesting some girl to Jayden who would be sure to like me, and Jay had snorted and said, "Yeah, I'm sure she'd like him. But he'd probably end up falling for her brother or something."

Homophobic asshole that Aaron was, he'd told all the others on the team, and they'd cornered me during lunch the day that Jayden had been home sick with the flu.

Being a complete sissy who's never worked out in his life, I'd ended up with a broken leg, a broken arm, two broken ribs, and a major concussion. Needless to say, my Dad had sued their asses. Unfortunately for me, one of their dads had turned out to be a hotshot lawyer, and the team was only suspended for one season, and they all had to pay a meagre fine. My family didn't really have the money to pursue the case, so I'd convinced them to let it be.

After some major reasoning on my part, Mom and Dad had finally relented. Little did they know, I had my own plans for getting back at them.