A/N: One of the readers of this story raised a good point, that it seems as if it's a plot convenience that the guys of the football team who hurt Ian got caught in this mess. I don't think it's a plot convenience though, cause the rest of the football team was there too, but Ian isn't set out to take revenge against all of them (only the ones who beat him up), so Devon didn't film all of them (he has nothing against them.) The reason that almost the entire football team was there is because they're the popular crowd. Thank you so much for your review randomjun :) I'm glad I could clarify this!

Chapter 26

I sat on the edge of my bed and stared off into space moodily. My mom had been trying to talk to me for the last one hour, and I'd been giving her one-word answers.

After some time, I heard the doorbell ring, and the sound of the front door opening. My dad was home. I heard him putting his stuff down, all the while talking to Mom, though I couldn't make out their words. Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in Dad," I called out and my dad sheepishly entered the room. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.

"Hey kiddo. How'd you know it was me?"

I shrugged. "Mom already tried and gave up. Made sense that she'd send you next."

My dad grinned. "Oh believe me, she hasn't given up. If you don't spill right now, she's got plans to get it out of you at dinner."

I shook my head. Man, she was persistent.

"So, what's got you so upset?" Dad walked over to the bed and sat down next to me.

"I'm not upset. Just..confused."

"Confused about what?"

"It's nothing Dad. Just school stuff. Nothing interesting." I tried to keep my voice level.

Dad gave me a worried look. "Are those guys troubling you again? Listen, Ian, you can tell me if that's what's going on. I can get another appointment with the lawyer and figure out what to do. Heck, I can go to the cops directly. You don't need to worry, I'll take care of it."

"No Dad, they're not going to hurt me. In fact, it's kind of the other way around."

I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. I wasn't sure I wanted to do this. Wasn't sure if I wanted to ruin their lives. And I needed his advice.

So I told him the whole truth. How I'd been trying to fuck with these guys for a while now, and how I finally had the means to do it.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked, after he'd been silent for a while.

Dad shook his head. "Honestly? Not even a little bit. I don't blame you at all. The only thing that concerns me is that they could have tried to hurt you again, but I guess that's not an issue anymore."

"So do you think this is the right thing to do?"

Dad turned around completely and looked me right in the eyes.

"Ian, there's no 'right' thing to do here, as such. Look, there's different kinds of people in the world. Some people would choose to walk away. That'd be their way of coping, by moving on, and pretending that none of it ever happened. And then there's the other kind. The kind who can't forgive and forget. The kind who won't rest until those who did it get what they deserve."

"So what do I do?" I didn't think I could decide on my own.

"I can't decide that for you. You have to do what you need to, to get over this. You need to do what you think is best for you."

I wrapped my arms around myself, unsure. How was I supposed to know what was best for me?

Just then, there was another knock at the door. I looked up to see Mom exchanging a look with my dad. She then turned to look at me and said, "Honey, Joe's here to see you."

I nodded, grabbed my mobile, said goodbye to both my parents, and left.