Quick Author's Note: SO I originally wrote and published this story called "The Mystery Of Fate" July 31st of 2011.
I was like, 15. (Almost 19 now) But anyways what got me here is uh, I was on YouTube watching Kalel (WatchUsLiveAndStuff) and she was reading this book and it was apparently a fan fiction from Wattpad that got revised and published as a book and so that made me decide to get on Wattpad because I was pretty sure I'd made an account (like a year ago apparently) and I'd never posted anything so I was gonna come get something from here and maybe put it on there but as I was going through the story list and cringing I realized that my inner perfectionist just will not have this. Like I so badly want and need to rewrite all of my stories here because goodness. When I was 13-16 I thought I was a damn good writer and I guess I kinda was good in my age bracket compared to my few friends. But reading what I wrote back then now literally just makes me wanna face palm. Like yeah I know I had a lot to learn and everything but my goodness. I just. I was an interesting kid. I was certainly comma happy which my Beta for Disappeared did call me out on quite a few times (omg note. my beta, i love her to bits and pieces. shes married now and ugh so cute but yeah)
I had a lot to learn and honestly in the past 3-4 years I haven't written a lot. Other than rants on Tumblr. I lost myself when part of my inspiration dumped me. And I still haven't really found my way back. So I had writers block forever and ever and rewriting this I realized how much I missed writing. How sad I am that I haven't updated Disappeared (or anything for that matter) since October 22nd of 2011. That's really quite depressing and right now I'm going to make a serious effort to work on my writing in 2015. BUT anyways, it's 8:05am right now (Its officially Christmas Eve heh.) and I haven't slept SO I'm gonna pass out. I do hope you guys (bless you if you actually read this. and double bless you if you're reading this because you're uh what's the word..I haven't been on here in so long. uh, subscribed to me? to get author updates or whatever haha goodness. But regardless. THANK YOU for reading and any reviews will be gladly welcomed.)

I awoke to a ray of sunlight across my eyes that was seeping through the closed blinds.

Slowly I open my eyes and realize my surroundings weren't what I was used to.

"This isn't my bed." I thought to myself as I glanced over to my left and to my surprise saw a man. A man that I had no recollection of… a stranger…in bed beside me..?

A million thoughts jumped though my mind only to be broken by the soft sleepy groan that came from the man beside me as he stretched and rolled onto his back.

"My god…what a body." my inner thoughts mumbled as I glanced down his perfectly toned chest, down to his gorgeous abs… I shook my head and looked away.

I noticed he was in only his boxers then glanced down at myself and realized that I was in nothing but my lace bra and panties.

I blushed and pulled the blankets up, looking around the room.

I had no idea who he was, where the I was or what the hell happened last night.

I laid back in bed slowly in attempts to not wake the Greek God like man that lay beside me.

As I lay there I try to wrack my brain to figure out what happened last night and how I got here, who he was, where I was…

After twenty minutes or so I sat up, frustrated I got up out of bed gently and tip toed to the door where I saw a silk robe hanging.

As I slip on the robe I decide that Mr. Handsome isn't waking up anytime soon and seems to sleep like a rock so I decide to explore the room.

What I find just frustrates me even more for having no memory of anything.

There's pictures all over the room, hanging on the walls, sitting on the dressers.

What gets me is that they're all of me and the sleeping beauty over there.

"Why don't I remember anything?"

I decide to walk down the hall and I come across something that actually helps me remember something.

It's a balloon that's floating on the ceiling, as I pull it down it reads: Happy 18th Birthday

I let go of it and let it float back up to the ceiling, I walk back into the room and through another door that leads to a breathtakingly beautiful bathroom.

I shut the door behind me quietly and walk up to the mirror.

I rub my face and just as I'm letting my hands slip off my face I notice a sparkly ring on my hand. On my wedding finger.

"Holy shit, I'm married?!" I stare bring my hand up closer to my face, looking at the ring.


I open the bathroom door and peer out at the man who was still sound asleep, quickly I shut the door and leaned back against it, taking deep breaths.

"Dear god… I'm engaged to that gorgeous princely looking man?" I mumble quietly to myself, rubbing my face.

"WHY don't I remember any of this?! WHY brain why are you blank!? Ugh."

I look over at the gorgeous stone covered shower.

"Maybe a cold shower will help my memory come back"

I walk over to the glass door and open it after slipping off the robe and hanging it up as well as stripping my bra and panties.

I take a deep breath, turn on the shower to full on cold and step in.

"Good god this water's freezing."

I tap the handle slightly so I don't freeze.

The cool water feels so nice and refreshing as it runs down my skin, I close my eyes and picture myself standing under a beautiful waterfall.

After a few minutes I decide to turn on some hot water.

As refreshing and nice as the shower was, still no memories flooding back.

Keeping my eyes closed just standing under the water, I drift off and forget reality for awhile.

Completely zoned out standing there, suddenly I feel warm, strong arms slide around my waist from behind.

Snapped out of my daydream of nothing I open my eyes.

"This feels familiar…"

I smile as he leans down whispering in my ear as he kisses down my neck to my shoulder.

"Good morning beautiful. Have a good nights sleep?"

His voice sends chills down my spine.

I take a deep breath and slowly let it out as I lean back against him slightly.

I couldn't manage any words to respond to him so I just nodded silently.

We stand there under the warm water for a minute before he slips his big hand into mine and intertwines our fingers.

My heart is beating so fast

He turns me around to face him, our bodies so close… never felt so right.

Though I should be completely freaked out and in a panic that I'm standing naked in a shower with a man that I don't remember in a shower I don't remember. But it feels so right…I just wish I could remember.

He interrupted my frantic thoughts with a kiss. A kiss with so much passion it completely blew me away and left me feeling complete bliss.

That kiss…felt familiar.

Yet still, I don't remember a damn thing.

I stand on my toes and kiss him again and whisper, "What…happened last night, remind me baby..?"

A smirk came across his face as he kissed my nose.

"I figured you'd ask."

I look up at him, raising my eyebrow.

"It's all in the letter on the table downstairs. Read it while I get dressed. For now, live in the moment"

I blinked. "Well that didn't help much."

I shrugged the puzzling info off and took his advice; Live in the moment.

After the rest of the steamy shower I got out and pulled my silk robe back on.

After wrapping a towel around his waist he kissed be once more before walking off to the bedroom.

I did as he said and walked downstairs to the kitchen table.

There, like he said I found a letter with my name on it.

I picked it up as I sat down in the chair and opened it, pulling out the page inside.

"My love, I figured last night might a bit much to remember. Since your whole life was totally changed in one instant.

It was the longest, best day of our lives.

For one, it was your eighteenth birthday.

After asking his permission your father allowed me to ask for your hand in marriage.

He knew I meant well and I honestly meant it when I said I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life.

So, your party was in full swing, I took a moment and shut every one up to I had an announcement.

I brought you up on the table, got down on one knee and asked you to be wife.

Without a second thought, you said yes.

I was so very happy.

I slipped the ring on your finger, and hugged you tight.

After the party, I helped you pack the last of your stuff that you were packing for college into the moving truck.

You moved in with me that night.

You're going to be mine forever. Till death, do we part.

Now, look up from the letter and kiss me.

I love you, my Princess"

Tears welled up in my eyes, as I remembered everything clearly.

"How the hell could I forget…? But what does it matter. I remember now."

I set down the letter on the table, wiped the tears from my eyes and as I looked up there he was, keeled down right in front of me with that heart melting smile on his face.

I put my hand on his cheek and smiled, he leaned up and kissed me again with even more passion than he had before.

Afterwards he made me the best breakfast I'd ever had.

As I finished my last bite and looked up from my plate at him, I smiled and thought to myself.

"How did I get so lucky?" I guess you could just say it was simply, Fate.