The new year is coming,
so here's to you.
Here's to you.
Here's to me.

Here's to our new start,
here's to honesty,
here's to kissing my girlfriend in public
no matter what those fuckers say.

Here's to staying up all night
and dancing with my friends,
here's to screaming and loving and crying,
here's to change.

Here's to growing up and moving on,
here's to shamelessly loving all of them.
Here's to kissing my best friends every day
without worrying what anyone else thinks.

Here's to finding a place I belong,
to trusting my instincts,
to learning to love myself
as much as she loves me.

Last year hurt.
Last year was long and dark,
twelve months of winter.
But we made it.
Baby, we made it.

So here's to making it.
Here's to survival.
Here's to us.
Here's to us.