Broken and Mended:

You break your skin, it regrows thicker.
You break your skull, it regrows tougher.
You break your bone, it regrows stronger.
You break your heart, it regrows...

I remember your bullying smile
as you sliced the skin of my mind.
I see the blood reflected in your eyes -
I poured my tears into you.
You drank; you gorged; you drank some more,
I guess you liked to see me bleed.

I remember how you cackeld
as you watched me try to run.
I tripped on my emotion;
I felt my head crack. It splintered.
You thought I was trapped forever...
I guess you liked to hear me scream.

I remember clawing at you
and the look you shot me broke my fingers.
I recall the triumph in your eyes -
I suppose you thought I was clawless then.
I guess you liked to see me beaten.

All I lost, I've since regained
with a little added aegis.
What of you with all your hate?
You broke your heart to bring me down.
When you break your heart, it regrows

A/N: So then. I'm back. With yet more angsty poetry. I hope you liked this one - its another little riposte to the bullies. This one is directed more specifically at a person who betrayed my trust, and then began to bully me so that I did not tell the world how treacherous they were. I intend to be posting new poetry on a bi-weekly schedule, and a chapter on Resilience: Blood and Fortitude on the other weeks. I am not sure which day yet - something to decide in the New Year.

On that topic, I won't be posting until January now, so Happy New Year for all of you!