A Delightful Christmas Morning for Children

On this wondrous morning so joyful and bright,

the children open their eyes after an almost sleepless night,

for they couldn't wait for Santa to bring

their favorite things.

Now that it is morning they hop out of beds with ease,

and rush to the parlor with glee.

The sight before them was a wonder to their eyes

for they saw decorations of all kinds:

hollies on the table and couches,

wreathes on windows,

and a tree dressed with garland, ornaments, and tinsel

The children look at the tree and its decorations with awe,

but what is underneath the tree that fills them with delight

For underneath the tree is what Santa Clause

brought; toys of different kinds to

The little girls and boys:

dolls, trains, tops, boats,

jack in the boxes, and all kinds floats,

rocking horses to delight toddlers,

and skates to glide on freezing water.

The children rush to the tree

To play happily with the toys

They received today

But while they are rocking their dolls

and riding on rocking horses;

while they watch the train

go around the tree

And play with other fun things

A little boy, the smallest of all,

looks at the center of it all.

For there is a cave filled with figurines:

of oxen, Sheppard, and sheep;

of wise men with gifts and camels;

Of the Blessed Virgin Mary so pure

and of St Joseph her faithful spouse.

All of these figurines seemed to stare

at the little Child in a hay filled crib

which the little boy picked up.

When the other children saw what

he was holding in his hands, they gathered around him,

and said, "Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus."