Everyone looked angelical…everyone except me.

It's not anything new; it's just the way things have been for as long as I can remember…

My family is considered one of the most beautiful; physically anyway.

Striking sky blue eyes and tumbles of silky platinum blonde hair with the perfect golden skin tone to make them pop out!

They were super models that only graced the catwalk with the very best, super stars among their prestigious colleagues…they made the perfect family; money, fame, beauty, and "love".

They were the whole package…

And that's where all my problems lay; it's "them", not "us".


I'm the one thing that prevents them from being literally named and awarded the "World's Most Perfect People", HA!

Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect…perfection, more like "modification", it's the one word that bounces through my head all day, every day.

It's sickening, but it's my life…well no not really, it's their life.

Funny it just so happens that I'm part of it, or so DNA tests and legal documentation shows.

If they didn't work so damn hard to keep up their image maybe they could just dump me off somewhere and never contact me again, I actually think I would quite like that.

Is any of this showing I'm a pessimist? If it's not, well I am.

A proud one too, I'll be the first to admit I have a quick silver tongue; might not be the one who inherited the super exaggerated IQ, but I'm sure as hell the most likely to survive on the comforts of the most dangerous places this land has to offer, which is quite a lot.

The Rousse Family let me insert a nice long and heavy sigh right here…okay done.

Now this family consists of four, yes four. Despite popular belief it's not some high and mighty ancient family that's filled with like a gazillion people, oh no.

It's just daddy, mommy, big brother, and the darling little sister; me!

Oh and for a heads up let's just slash that 'darling' remark now before any of you start to picture it.

Yes, they are the epidemic of perfection; they are flawless, untouchable, impeccable, incomparable selfish snobs! Bitter old fashioned prunes who like to pretend to be soft hearted idiots, it's stupid really but hey! Whatever, I stopped caring a long time ago.

They are no longer of any of my concern if only my legal guardians and my only way of financial means until I turn 21, yeah not 18, sucks right?

To stay on top with their cover they have specifically clarified to my brother and I that we are in no way leaving them until we turn that designated age, apparently it looks better on the news; means we love them so much we just can't let go, please note the sarcasm in that last statement.

Well mummy and daddy (notice what was done there) are just little rays of sunshine, they're the perfect couple that always manages to be on the front cover of any relating magazines that deal with such nonsense. I don't know their exact height (why the fuck should I care?), but father is told to be just the right height to tower over my slightly petite mother; she's the doting house wife that's always the main gossip subject, while dad's the typical workaholic who is said to be the perfect husband and father, meh.

It was the perfect combination, and they somehow managed to birth the perfect son just four years after their marriage and then everything was in place and well perfect.

That is until they discovered three years later that they were having a girl! Yay! Oh, wait- NOT!

The expectance of a perfect little girl never came true and that's when the elastics keeping this perfect family together finally seemed to snap!

But well that's not something that the people need to know about, right?

Of course to the outside world while this was an indeed bizarre, if not suspicious case, they all decided to keep their mouths shut and leer behind closed eyes and a brilliant fake smile because they knew that with no proof they could not stand against the most powerful and perfect family there ever was.

Yes, there is exaggeration and sarcasm there, but really truly I don't blame them; in fact I agree with them!

How could that devil of a woman I call mother spawn me? Me?!

The definition of imperfection and not just physically; dull obsidian orbs that narrowed slightly at the tips, a mess of bouncing blood red curls dyed with black highlights and full silver white bangs that swept to the side of my face, all of this accented by my porcelain white skin which was tan proof, not sunburn proof but well can't have the best of both worlds now!

My very obvious genetics are solid, hardcore proof that I don't belong in this family, no matter how many doctors and scientists prove me and the rest of the world otherwise, but like I mentioned before; I DO NOT CARE.

I'm absolutely filled with joy every time this little fact is pointed out, even if whoever is responsible is immediately squished like a bug, not to be a bitch, but well yeah whatever I'm a bitch, and the world should be very well used to that.

The last little fact that I keep from everyone, no matter how much the chaos created by it might entice me, is that I'm in lov-NO!

I just find my dear older brother very physically attractive. Yup! I purr at the sight of his temping form, he's like a temptress; a male one though-duh!

And if my intuition/gut is right, which it almost always is, he finds me just as much if not more mouthwatering to bear and I relish in that!

My beautiful, popular, honor roll, president of the student council- perfect, three years older brother has the total hots for his bitchy rebel fifteen year old sister; in other words me!

Sadly we both keep this perfect little fact to ourselves, neither of us has enough balls to really drop this F bomb.

Okay well I do, but while it's always fun to watch innocent big brother stutter, blush, and squirm, I lo-care about him too much to have him be burdened with all that side drama.

Drama is like the two sides of a coin, with its ups and downs.

But you never know…