You had them over,

Your special ones,

and I tried, I swear I did!

But you left me,

You all did,


Oh, not in body,

But in thought

And emotion.

I tried so hard to join,

To gently push and wiggle my way

Into your bubble

Of close friendship

And soul bond.

There was no space, no spot for me.

In a room full

Of should be friends,

Of would be heart mates,

I was on the without.

So cold.

Brushed off with

Just glances and

Sentences that ran over mine.

No one ever meant it.

It wasn't to be cruel.

I just didn't fit.

I was the piece from another puzzle trying to be one of yours.

I'm sorry,

I really am,

But it didn't work.

We both know now.

I wont begrudge you

your special darlings,

They return your devotion.

Jut promise,

(PLEASE promise)

That you'll come back for me.

I'll keep waiting.