Getting into Power Special Agents Inc. wasn't that easy for Intern 1, Angela Pricer. She had to deal with a bossy instructor, put up with her crazy, heart-throb, JapSie (Japanese-Aussie) bestfriend and still manage to bag in a role in Power. And if that doesn't seem enough on her plate, Power's president gets kidnapped and Angela must put matters in her own hands- before it is too late.

Will Angela succeed or will she fail miserably?

She never wanted anything in her life than to be a Special Agent and by doing this she might just never be.

In a battle against time, love and friendship, Angela is put to the ultimate test and she finds herself in situations she never imagined being in.

Chapter 1: In the Box

This door is really getting on my nerves now.

I wipe the sweat off of my forehead and take a deep breath.

Come on, think. Think, Angela.

"Do you even know what you're doing, Ms. Pricer?!" Mr. Burner shouts at the microphone.

But how could I think straight when this turbulent, ironclad, douchebag instructor of mine keeps on blabbering like a mad woman!

Just focus. Analyze. Solve. Action.

He lets out a frustrasted sigh.

"Jesus Christ!"

I inwardly roll my eyes and just train them to focus at the blue glowing pad lock in front of me instead at his disgustingly wrinkled face.

I sigh.

I swear, if I just look at him right now, I will rip this fucking door apart and slice his tongue off.

I mean, of all the instructors I could possibly have, it just had to be Power's Special Senior Agent Kenneth "Hawk" Burner.

This guy isn't called "Hawk" for no reason.

Mr. Burner was the one who solved the mind-boggling underground marijuana dealing in Chicago that authorities have been tracking down for a good 7 years. He was the one sent over to North Korea to dig into the human trafficking case that's been wreaking havoc for almost a decade. He was the one who solved one of Chicago's finest crimes- the assasination of the city mayor. He was the only Special Senior Agent to get out of RUCCO in the shortest amount of time.

RUCCO was the high-class superpowered training facility they used to train in back then. It is very similar to the new and improved facility I'm currently in since they just modified a few things and made it look fancier.

Hawk got out of it in only 17 seconds.

This man is one of the best.

No, he is the best.

If he wasn't so loud and bossy, I may have looked up to him or adored him or something.

But he wasn't.

I sucked in a shaky breath and looked at the clock.

3 minutes.


So as I may have mentioned earlier, I am currently in duel in one of the finest and most modified training facilities in the whole planet.

This baby is USA's newest and most improved training area for special agents that work under the government.

It's called RAMBO 1.

It is my first time in RAMBO 1.

RAMBO 1 is like RUCCO's brother.

It was designed to do all kinds of exercises, physically and mentally. At first, it looks like one big plain metal box with a huge digital fast-paced ticking clock in the center but seriously don't underestimate it.

The instructors can activate different activities according to their students' weaknesses and put them into certain situations wherein they have to use their wits. Modern pieces of equipment and machinery can pop out with just a press of a button!

RAMBO 1 trains the brain and body's strength and endurance under pressure. It is one big battlefield, to sum it all up.

A battle between you and the clock.

A battle between you and your desicions.

A battle between logic and instinct.

And I tell you this, it is not a cakewalk.

I lift my head up.

2 minutes 27 seconds.


I look on the jumbled numbers and letters on the keypad infront of me. I need to decipher this code to unlock my door or else the room will crush me.


Agh! What does this mean?!

I try keeping my cool but the moving wall behind me and the humongous ticking clock wasn't helping. Plus, my clothes and hair were sticking to me like second skin. I've tried matching the numbers with their respective positions in the alphabet like- 4 is for D, 3 is for C and 5 is for E.

It was still a red light.

1 minute 13 seconds.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I start doing a nervous dance and shake my hands to relieve the pressure.

My heart is beating fast.

"Hurry up, Ms. Pricer! I am not going to stop that wall from crushing your idiot brain!" Hawk shouts once more, making me mad beyond imagination.

I am not an idiot.

And with that, a wild light bulb goes in my head.

Maybe the numbers stand for letters! Like 4 is for A because they look alike! And 3 is for E! And so on!

How come didn't I think of that sooner?

I grin widely at myself but then glance at the clock and my smile completely vanishes.

"Beat the clock. Beat the clock. Beat the clock," I chant quietly.

59 seconds left.

When the clock reaches the 1 minute mark it starts to count down and the room flickers with a fiery orange light, like a fire alarm going off.

It makes me drown in a pool of sweat and makes me light-headed as well.

I start deciphering the other numbers but then I feel the cool concrete hitting my butt making my brain shut down. The air around me is suffocating and crushing my body.

48 seconds.


I take big breaths due to the lack of oxygen. My lungs feel like they're going to explode.

I'm currently stuck at number 7.

I try pushing "L" but it issn't right. I press the "I" but it issn't fit for it too. What letter could it be! My whole body is trembling as I press myself further against the wall, away from the other moving wall.

29 seconds.

Oh shit.

I suddenly spot the letter "T" and slam on it like it did something to my mother.

There is a green light.


8 seconds.

Come on, baby.

The wall is closer.


The seconds are getting fewer.


My head's becoming light.

3 seconds.


Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.

There is a ringing in my ears.

The wall behind me immediately pushes back and the room transforms into the plain metal box I've been standing a while ago. I take a deep breath to stabilize my beating heart. I look at my side and see Hawk's face through the clear glass.

"Not so impressive time, Ms. Pricer," Hawk says with a hard scowl.

"Sir, yes, sir," I reply with the same face.

He presses some buttons and a huge chart pops out in front of me in where the door used to be.

It's my record.

Name: Pricer, Angela, M.

Level: Intern 1

Heart Rate: 137 beats per minute

Mental Strength: 38%

Pyhsical Strength: 49%

Time: 2 minutes 57 seconds

Exercise Level: Stage 01- Easy

Overall Score: 41/100

Remarks: FAIL

Right there. In bold red letters. FAIL.

I know I'm better than this. I know I am.

"You were such a pain in the eye, Pricer! I can't believe you didn't solve that so easily. I could have done that with my eyes closed! Yes, you're just an Intern 1 but even a 5 year old could figure that exercise out in two shakes of a lamb's tail!" he boasts out.

I try to keep my composure and look as strong as possible.

You we're just nervous, Angela. I'm sure you'll get it next time.

He shakes his head and massages his temple with his old trained hands. He adjusts his microphone before he speaks.

"Is this what Americans have become?" he spits and looks at me again. "Australians were much better."

Oh how I want to gauge his eyeballs out.

He takes a deep breath and points at my chart.

"As you may have seen, Ms. Pricer," Hawk says. "Your mental strength is low. Very low." He pronounces the word like there are knives sticking out on his tongue.

He pauses and clasps his hand behind his back.

"RAMBO 1 was designed to record how the brain works under pressure. Though you may have solved the puzzle, it was time that got the best of you."

He turns around and looks me in the eye.

"So I suggest you practice more if you want to stay here in Power Special Agents because we do not accept mediocre workers like you!"

His voice echos through the room.


He called me mediocre.

Tiny pricks of tears sting my eyes but I blink them away. I cannot crumble in front of this man. I need to show him that I'm worth keeping in this organization. That I'm not any girl who'll play around and do shit. That me, Angela Pricer, will be the best and finest Special Agent there is.

I want this.

I yearn for this.

I worked my ass off just to get into Power.

One day, Kenneth. One day, I'll show your little tough ass. And when I do, I'm gonna scare circles around your miserable life.

"Pricer, you are dismissed. Be ready for the next exercise. It won't be that easy."

I breath in and flash him a smile.

"Sir, yes, sir."

I didn't bother to see his reaction.

I am sprinting down the hallway to the cafeteria to grab a burger or a taco.

My stomach has been rumbling all day and my vision's getting blurry. My throat's so dry and I am so drained out.

I need to eat.

I make a sharp left turn and am put to an abrupt halt on what I see.

I spot non-other than, Mr. Panty-Dropper, Yasuki Cambridge.

And he's making out with an intern.

I take a few steps back so they don't see me.

They are pressed against the wall under a broken light. Yasuki's hand is in the girl's shirt caressing her breasts or something. The girl is grinding herself into Yasuki while he's pleasing her. I watch them kiss sloppily from afar. Mouth over mouth, tongues entwined and lips smacking. Yasuki's either dying like a pained whale or moaning. Well, by the bulge in his pants, it's the latter.

I wrinkle my nose in disgust.

They guess I couldn't see them because it was dark. The hallway we were in is made of cool metal. It is framed with tall concave circles. It had several lights on the sides but even that wasn't enough to light up the whole hallway.

The girl grinds herself more and Yasuki's head rolls back.

This needs to stop.

I take a few authorative steps and then I put my hand on Yasuki's shoulder. I pull him away causing a pop sound.

They both look at me in awe.

Yasuki gives me a "what the fuck?" look and I give him one too. The girl who as far as I know is Tiara Yellowstone is in complete bliss. She's standing there like a mind-controlled dummy.

I look back at him and at Tiara.

"What'd you do to her?"

He puts on a smirk and winks at me.

"Well it pays to be Japanese and Aussie at once," he chuckles. "Killer kisses."

I slap him hard in the head. He winces.

"Shut up, douche."

I avert my attention from him to Tiara. I finally clear my throat and say, "If you'll excuse me, I'll just pick up my besfriend here."

I pull Yasuki gently.

Okay, no wild clingy girlfriend actions so far.

Upon closer look, Yellowstone looks like she just woke up. Her red hair was frizzy and her shirt is kinda ripped in front. Her skirt is unzippered and her pale green eyes are like in a trance staring off into the distance or at Yasuki's bulge.

"Uh. Okay? Bye now, Tiara," I say, awkwardly.

I push Yasuki forward as fast as I can but he stops and looks back.

"Tiara!" Yasuki shouts. "I'll ring you up later when no ones around, kay' babe? I really need that ass tonight," he says seductively and winks.

I pinch him on the side and decide to grab his whole arm instead.

When we're far away from Tiara I stop and push him against the wall.

Yasuki's eyes grow big at my sudden action and his first instinct is to yell-

"RAPE! RAPE! Pricer's gonna- umph! Aww!"

He crouches and holds his stomach in the spot where I kicked him. I fold my arms and furrow my eyebrows together. When he recovers, he gives me one wicked smirk.

"Don't tell me someone's jealous?" he copies me and folds his long arms as well. "I can give you a kiss too, Angela. Just ask," he chuckles.

Yasuki pouts his red full lips and bows his head forward.

All of my blood rushes quickly to my face and fills my cheeks with a deep red color.

I raise my fist up, aiming for a sucker punch but he immediately grabs it.

Ohh I forgot, Yasuki is one of the fastest Interns in Power Special Agents Inc.

Stupid me.

I yank my hand away from him and pinch his long nose instead. Good thing he didn't see that coming.

"You, Cambridge, are such a naughty JapSie. You should get arrested for how good you are with the ladies." I pinch him harder while he yelps louder.

After a minute or so I let go of his perfect nose now with red fingernail marks on the

"God," he painfully hisses while he massages his nose. "You're scary when you're jealous."

I look at him with a cocked eyebrow.

"What did you say?" I ask while cracking my knuckles, temper boiling hot.

"Woa- woah. Chill! I didn't say anything!" he raises his hands.

I narrow my eyes at him. "Good."

He sighs and says, "You're cute when you're furious."

I blush hard at his comment and give him a slap instead.

He laughs and drapes his arm around me and we walk side by side.

He smells like cinnamon.

Almost through the cafeteria, Yasuki breaks the silence and asks me a question I've been trying to avoid the whole day.

"How was RAMBO 1?" he asks, "I told you it was easy!"

I keep my gaze downcast and don't answer him.

He understands.


His eyes flicker and he frowns.

"You know what?" He removes his arm and stands in front of me.

"It doesn't matter!" he raises his hands in the air. "I mean it's just a metal box with cool lights and a clock."

"And, it's like our first time, for goodness sake. We panic and do stupid shit. That's normal. Just, you know, don't do it again, right?"

When he sees I'm still down, he adds, "Come on, Angela," he nudges his shoulder at me. "I failed too and I even got the time to make out with a chick!"

I slap his head.

"You'd screw anything, fail or not."

I look him in the eye. "And don't lie, Yasuki. You're Power's fastest Intern 1," I reply.

"Maybe that's why the ladies can't keep their hands off me," he wiggles his eyebrows.

"Psh. Show-off," I whisper.

He puts his hands on my shoulder and says, "I'm sure you probably just got nervous and panicked," he shrugs off. "You're like the meanest and toughest little pig in Chicago!"

I instantly grab a fistful of his honey brown hair and yank him down towards me.

"Aish!" he speaks Japanese. I let go of him and sigh.

He ruffles his hair back to where it used to be and says, "Hakuna Matata, sweet cheeks."

He raises my chin up and laughs with squinted eyes.

I give in and laugh as well too.

Even though he might be a man-whore, he's one of those people I just can't last a day without.

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