It's really hard to say goodbye, especially if you don't know if you'll see him again...

Brief Sanctuary

Weary feet still traveling far, where the cold rain falls in sheets

Grey clouds and mist on the horizon, it lingers on the roadway

Splashing puddles, huddled bodies. I shiver inside my raincoat

This wind bites and claws my skin, unrelenting with every day

It chases me, I run but I feel its breath on my skin, unrelenting

Until I stop. I pause for breath, my heart is beating exemplary

It's unexplainable, a warm lingering smile, hot as summertime

There's sanctuary here. Bright blue eyes inspiring my memory

Seeing him here in this room, I find peace. I no longer run fast

To escape the darkness or cold rain, instead I run towards him

I run towards hope. I run towards long warm days of sunshine

To the citrusy scent of clementines and a bashful and shy grin

I would soon forget those miserable days, if I could linger here

But I can't. I must go on as the seasons do but I'll cry my tear