Pretty lady, smile turn your head;
You would look much prettier lying in my bed.
Not all ladies are looking for a guy;
We are not here for you to sell trade or buy.
Hey now lady why are you so harsh?
I bet you wouldn't say such things if we were in the dark.
Let me go! I've told you from the start,
You can not have me, not my body, soul, or heart.
I say bitch, you are awfully cold!
You better get laid before you're too old.


I think your mother would rather die,
Than to admit her boy turned into such a guy.
Now run away dog you disgust me;
The sooner I am rid of you the better I will be.
Tuck your tail and run.
Try to assault me and I'll shoot you with my gun!

We are humans, we ladies girls and all.
We are sick of all unwanted grabbing, groping, and catcalls.