"My hands are shaking, and my knees are weak. I can't seem to stand on my own two feet.

I'm all shook up."


The cue ball hits its target and sinks one. Finally. I straighten up, and catch him staring at me again. My eyes flick to his neck, then back to the table. It's a wonder we've made any shots at all.

I reposition, bending low over the table again to align my shot, but I can feel his eyes on my chest now. The ball misses by a long shot, going into the pocket.

He laughs at me, and I make a face. "Oh shut up, brat."

I move to retrieve the ball, but he reaches at the same time, swiping his palm over the back of my hand. I can't help the sharp intake of breath that follows.

This time his eyes pierce my own, but only for a moment. He walks behind me, making sure to brush past, to set up his shot, placing the ball at just the right angle.

He looks forward, his long pale neck exposed. I can imagine my mouth on that neck. I can see a perfect spot to kiss.

"Hello, it's your turn." He smirks at me again, obviously aware of my line of sight. He takes a step closer, and I can smell him. "Distracted?"

"Only a little." My eyes widen when he bends close.

"Oh? And why is that?" He whispers in my ear.

Chills shoot down my spine. I can easily imagine his well-muscled arms lifting me onto the table and his torso spreading and pushing between my legs. My fingernails on his bare skin come to mind also.

My body remembers just how long it's been.

The game goes on like this until we run out of money for the jukebox and the table.

He sinks his final ball, and the round ends. Time to go.

"Well, now what?"

"I'll put up the sticks." I grab them both and walk them to the wall. I hesitate because I do not want to leave. Then I remember that the night isn't quite over yet.

We walk to the car in silence. He picked me up because it was on the way. So we still had to part ways at my door.

I fiddle with the radio to occupy myself. He remains quiet also, which is curious, but I'm glad for the silence. I try to bring my mind out of the dirty thoughts, but it does not go well.

Finally, we pull in front of my house. He turns the car off and we get out. I give him a look, and he raises his eyebrow back.

"Am I not allowed to walk you to the door now?"

I just shake my head, nothing to say. I just don't know if you Should.

"What's wrong?"

We are at my door, and I have not looked back up at him since the car.

"Anna, what's wrong?" He lightly grabs my shoulder, turning me to him.

Only when I look up do I realize how close we are standing. The door is just behind me. I know I should just go in... But I can smell him, and when my eyes meet his I see the burning that must be in mine too.

He presses against me, and I pull him tighter, our lips finding each other's. His tongue touches my lips, and a moan escapes me. I open my mouth and our tongues explore the territory they once knew so well.

I feel the pressure of his hard, strong body on my soft, smaller one, and I begin to blend into him.

His hands go up my sides, reminiscing on their old home, taking in every curve; one of my hands tug at his hair, the other is under his shirt, raking my nails down his back. I want him more right now than I have ever wanted anyone.

He reaches a hand under my shirt to cup my breast, and I whimper.

"Wait," I gasp out, breaking away. "Just wait."

His face crumbles. "I know I shouldn't have-"

I grab his collar, pulling him into another burning kiss. It's all I can do not to pull him flush against me again.

"No, just wait so I can get the door open."

His eyes widen in clarity, locked on mine.

We barely make it inside, and we're tangled up again, pressed to my front door. He looks down at me, reaching behind me to lock the door, before running his hand up and down my thigh. His eyes sear my skin wherever his lustful gaze falls.

I tilt my head back. "Kiss me here?"

He nips and traces his tongue on my neck, drawing another moan from my lips. I grab his hips, and we grind together, as I hook my fingers into the edge of his pants.

I unbutton them.

"Oh god, Anna..."

I reach into his jeans, wrapping my hand around it, so hot and firm now. I feel the pulsing between my legs and between my fingers.

"I need you now."

He picks me up, and I have to put my arms around his neck to hang on and wrap my legs around his waist. He presses even harder into me now, and I ache to have him inside me.

We only get as far as my kitchen counter, and he places me right there, stripping me of my shirt, flinging it to the floor. He bends, reaching into my bra, and grabs my breast, taking my hard nipple into his mouth.

"Oh god..."

He uses his other hand to push my skirt up, bending lower. He grabs my barely-there underwear, and, with a firm yank, tears it right off.

I am shocked, but before I can form much of a thought, the world explodes in front of my eyes when his tongue hits my clit. I cry out, nearly ready to come right then and there.

How could I forget how good he was at this?

He pushes my legs farther apart, flicking his tongue up, tracing my lips. Then, ever so slowly, he slips his tongue inside me, moaning when he fully takes in my scent and taste. He laps at my insides. I squirm and whimper his name. Suddenly, he pulls back, grabbing the hair at the nape of my neck, kissing me deeply. I taste myself on him and feel it prodding me there. My hips move involuntarily. He groans into my mouth, almost pushing in.

"Do you have condoms in your purse still?"

"Yes, get it Now." I grab the collar of his shirt and rip it off him. I want to bite and scratch that broad chest.

He chuckles, "Yes ma'am. So dirty. You're so hot when you need it."

"Just get it and fuck me." I look him in the eye and I see how he relishes this side of me.

He gets it out, tossing the wrapper to the floor. He takes his time to slide it over the length of him, slowly framing each inch with his strong hands.

He stands there, baring his broad chest, thick thighs, and ready dick. One step forward places him back in my arms and ready to enter. He pushes just the head in, and I try to push him farther in.

"Ah, ah, ah," he holds me still, breathing in my ear, "Now beg."

This game. But I knew how to win.

Pulling at his sandy hair again, grazing his skin, I whimper, "Oh Jake, Jake, I want you so bad..." I press against him more and I feel him giving in already. It's been too long for him too. "Please do me, nobody fucks me like you... I'm so hot and wet for you, and oh so tight- don't you want to feel it?" I wrap my hand around as much as I can, keeping the head still in, squeezing. "I need you Now."

He pushes my hand out of the way and grabs my ass, pulling me fully onto him. We both cry out; I feel as if I'm splitting open, and I never want it to stop. I cling to his back, grinding as he pounds into me. He fills me up, and I can feel how I cling there to it. Waves of ecstasy roll over me, more and more intense until I feel my body tense with my orgasm.

"Don't stop!" I scream.

"Oh I hadn't intended to." He rams into me until it crests and I come, whimpering his name. He moves my hips slowly back and forth now as I pulse over him. He rubs his hands on my back as I catch my breath.

He kisses my jaw, "That's one; now- where is the bedroom?" He sucks my neck, beginning to pump harder now. I can feel my body revving back up.

"T-to my left." I dig my nails in his shoulder. "Oh god," I gasp.

He picks me up, keeping himself fully in me, and carries me to the bed. He lays me down, unhooking my bra and kissing from my neck to my stomach, letting his hand wander. I squirm, wanting, Needing more. I feel him sucking at my hip, but I am too distracted by the sensations to think about it. It clicks; I realize he is marking me. I grab his hair and he smirks knowing I've realized what he did.

"Get up here, dirty boy, and just do me." He climbs on top of me, having slipped off his pants while marking me. I can see his full form, better than it's ever looked. Thinner now, but farmer's-tanned, muscled, and tattooed, just the way I love.

As he enters me, he stares into my eyes with an intensity that reaches my very core. We move together, him not so much sliding in and out, but grinding in me, my legs wrapped around him.

I release the grip with my legs for a moment and he flips us, putting me on top, but still held by my hips. He releases me. My whole weight presses me down on top of his rock hard dick, and I cry out again. He pulls me down to him again and he kisses me, bites me. I bite back.

We may as well be animals, screwing with reckless abandon. I ride him, rocking the bed and our bodies, hardly aware of the bed frame hitting the wall.

I am gasping for breath, worn out, losing my ability to move. I slow my movements, rocking against him. He pulls me down into another kiss, passionate and explorative.

"One more," he whispers into my neck, taking my hips in his hands. He uses the old trick that shakes me to my core, breaking another orgasm out of me. I come; I come hard, pulsing and throbbing inside. I cry his name, like it is the answer to the universe. I cling to him, and he rolls us over, covering me with himself, wrapping me up in his muscle.

He moves deliberately, as I continue to come. He pushes all the way inside, and pulls nearly all the way out. His rhythm builds me back up, slower this time, building and building. He begins to slowly speed up, and I feel that we are both on the edge.

"Say my name."

"What?" I gasp, as the first wave breaks.

"Say my name, please, one more time."

I come. "Jakeā€¦ Oh Jacob..." My nails dig into his back.

"Anna... My Anna Rose." His back arches, and he pumps, once, twice, a third time... And he relaxes on me. I feel him pulsating, thrumming.

He lays there in me for a moment, time not existing.

Pulling out of me, he rolls us over.

When he sits up, for a moment I assume he is already going to leave. Instead, he quietly pulls my skirt off, setting it aside and pulls the blanket out. He crawls back into bed beside me, covering us, and holds me snugly to his chest.

He is warm, pressed to my back. We can worry about what we may have started in the morning.