Pierced as One


Oh, how you pierce the dagger deep

love-starved, hungry

eyes that weep

embrace me with soft, gentle hands

then turn

clawed, fanged, crying

in your misery

spinning dark, violent tales

of your grief

as you cradle

your delicate, newborn heart

begging me

with pleading lips

to kneel

encase you

in my ignorant love

with soft, sweet words

that caress

as they ensnare

my feeble strength.

But I

I will not be bought

with petty lies

and preying thought

for every battle that you speak

I too, have fought

and in your Achille's heel

that is love

I am strong, burnished

by truth


by grief

my worth exceeds

my tears

though I may weep

it is with the knowledge

of great love

I sleep

and you alone


for my peace

may rot, wounded

by thy personal beast.