Hey everybody. :) This is my first attempt at a one-shot, and also my first attempt at a horror story. Usually I avoid that genre, but I thought I'd give it a try. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it, cause I sure didn't. xD

Selena sat trembling among her family and friends, staring, as they all were, at the narrow glass chamber before them. There were no doors to this room from Hell. The only entrance was through the top, for no roof covered the yawning mouth of the square chamber. The floor sloped evenly towards the middle, where four smooth blades stretched on their single axis in the very center of the room.

Selena stifled a sob. She knew what was coming, she had heard stories of it from the time she was just a young sprout of a child. Never had she thought that she would suffer this fate, though. Somehow, she'd always thought that she would spend her whole life in the fields of her home, surrounded by those she knew and loved, who knew and loved her, warmed by the sun, and breathing the scent of the earth and rain.

But here she was, in this large, cold place, facing the glass chamber with the silent blades, and she knew she would never go home again. She stared at it's transparent walls, shuddering in mute terror.

"It...it'll be okay, Selena," her aunt whispered, her voice heavily laden with despair. "It'll be over very quickly...I'm sure of it."

"That's what the stories say," Selena answered in a small voice. "But how do we know they're true?"

"We're about to find out," her aunt replied, and they watched as their captor descended upon one of the other groups of prisoners sitting to their right. With horrific ease, the unlucky ones were heaved into the glass room, rolling down the walls and the tilted floor briefly before coming to rest at the bottom. Some of them had landed on the blades, and a faintly purple puddle was gathering on the sparkling floor. Selena whimpered.

Before she fully realized what was happening, their captor had swooped down on them. She shrieked, and for a moment, all was chaos in the tiny holding cell. After what seemed like an eternity - but in reality was only a few moments - the flurry of activity ceased, and Selena found that she was still in the cell, her aunt beside her. They hadn't been taken.

The two watched in silent horror as the captives were tumbled into the room, their cruel fall alleviated somewhat by the still forms already lying within. Two more cells were raided, and sweat broke out on Selena's thin skin as she stared at the sizable pile in the glass chamber. She could just glimpse one of her neighbors, staring back at her through the transparent wall, mirroring the utter terror she felt. For a while they sat like that, just staring at each other in anguish, each as helpless as the other.

Suddenly, a high-pitched whirring noise filled the air, and the walls of the glass chamber were drenched in red. Selena screamed. She had caught one brief look at the giant blades in the middle of the floor; they were spinning at high speed, slicing and mashing the unfortunate prisoners trapped in the room. It went on and on and on, the screeching, buzzing, whirring sound driving Selena to near distraction. She leaned against her aunt, screaming and sobbing hysterically, unable to watch the red liquid flying up the walls of the chamber.

And then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped. The ear-splitting noise ceased, and a deathly silence blanketed the four holding cells. Selena glanced up at the glass room, moaning quietly. Thick, purpley-red drops slid down the walls in rivers, the transparent sides turned opaque from the death within.

Unable to look anymore, she turned away, trembling so hard that she shook those around her. "Auntie?" she choked out. "Will you wai-"

"Selena!" Her aunt's cry cut her off, and she barely had time to turn before she found herself rising swiftly into the air, firmly grasped by her captor. She didn't even have time to struggle before she was falling, tipped deftly into the room like those before her.

She landed with a soft sploosh in the pool of blood and pulverized innards on the floor. All around her, others of her kind and prisoners from the other three cells were falling, rolling, and tumbling down into the deep, sticky sludge around her. Through a clearer patch on the wall, she could just make out her aunt, still sitting in the cell, staring at her with horror and grief painted all over her. Then a thick red droplet rolled down the glass, cutting off her view of her aunt, of freedom, of the outside world.

Unable to move, Selena sat helplessly amid the carnage, leaning uncomfortably against one of the blades. There was not a thing she could do, and she knew it - those around her knew it, too. She could see fear and hopelessness reflected on each and every one of them.

Her breath caught in a painful hitch as she felt the blade behind her start to vibrate slightly, and then the air was filled with the high, shrieking whir...

Mark Barnes set a glass of the deep red beverage in front of his younger sister. "Anyone else want a slushy before I wash the blender...pitcher...thing?" he asked his family.

"No thank you," his father answered, smiling at his twelve year old son. "Mind you don't cut yourself on the blades when you clean them."

Mark grinned. "I won't, Dad."

How many of you figured out what Selena and the glass chamber were before the end? XD She's a strawberry, by the way. The "prisoners" in the other "holding cells" (a.k.a. plastic containers,) were blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. ;) I know, I know, I suck at writing horror stories. xD Like I said, it's not my genre. Don't worry, I probably won't be taking a stab at it again. (Geddit? Stab? xD)