My name is Leela Kira VanPalace and Im a 5th Former at St. Carmilla's Academy. That mean that Im in eleventh grade. I am 16yrs old. I am 5'4'' with wavy, waist length black hair. I have hazel eyes and a light caramel skin tone. Im a shy type of person and can easily go hours without speaking. Which is why my family calls me Ghost.

This world that you live in, its called the Grey Area. Not completely good and not entirely evil. The Grey Area is protected by the Guardians. They give their lives everyday in a war that you cannot see.

The Guardians are demons and their witches. I am a witch and so is my foster sister. We and our demon mentors attempt to keep the balance between good and evil. We guide souls to Asphodel Meadows to await Judgement Day. Sometimes we have to battle to the death. Some days we win, others we lose. But the war is never ending.

If you think that Im alive because Im telling you this.. Stop being a smartass. I talk to dead people all the time. Its my job. We are the Guardians of the Grey Area. And this is our story..