Epilogue: One Week Later

Kitee, North Karelia, Finland

In an abandoned house on the edges of town, a young woman is sitting in a chair reading a modern romance novel. She has a deep frown in her forehead.

"No one really knows where he came from or how he came about. No one knows the truth of his ugly past. No one knows what he did. No one knows why he is here. All they know is that he showed up at night in a van and was at breakfast the next morning. No one dared to ask any question. They were afraid of what he might do.

He is powerful, that they do know. He can control people, make them obey his every command. He can change others actions. He can bend them into things that they normally wouldn't do. He can read their minds, know all of their darkest secrets. He can make them one.

He seems un-trustworthy. They don't know what he's going to do next. His attitude, his aura drives them all away. He lives in a closed circle and doesn't let anyone get too close. He doesn't let anyone into his inky heart.

He seems to be a loner. He doesn't talk much and interact with them. He seems lost, like he doesn't belong. Maybe he's never belonged anywhere. Maybe he's someone that no one wants and will never want. All darkness drives them away.

Everyone seems to be afraid of him. No one wants to go near him, no one wants to be his friend. It must be a lonely life. He doesn't seem to mind. Maybe he's used to being on his own. Maybe he doesn't know what it's like to have a friend. Maybe he doesn't even have a family, someone to love him.

He turns his face anyway from others. He doesn't look others in the eye. Maybe he's ashamed of something. Maybe he's done something bad, something evil. Or maybe he's just shy. They don't believe that. Their new theory is more plausible. He just thinks that he's better than everyone else.

He seems like a player. He seems like he would never make a commitment to one person. He seems like the type who would have more than one girlfriend. He seems like the type who would have multiple "friends" of power.

He seems like the kind of guy who would become a traitor. He seems like the guy who would never stay with one idea. He seems like the kind of guy you would tell his secrets to, them he would leek them.

His dark colours make questions, not answers. They add more to his mystery. They make it more difficult to uncover the truth. They made it more difficult to seek what's within. They make it more difficult to see the real him. To see him without all of the chains, would be a grand event.

His dangerous ways are what makes him so attractive. His ways are what draw people in. Then, like a vampire, he digs his teeth in, drinks your soul, and all is gone. Like a killer in the night, he haunts the shadows. Like a chosen victim, he hunts his prey.

His smell, his looks, his ways draw you in. This is what kills you. This is how you end. His face is the face of Death. He is the mark of evil. He wears the mark of the devil. Maybe he is the devil in human form.

Don't trust him until the truth comes out.

Don't go near him until the truth comes out.

In fact, don't even think about him until the truth is known.

Hush, he's coming into the room. Remember all that was said here. Just remember, but not a word better escape your lips.

After all, you know nothing, but the truth."

She looked up from the text and started shaking her head. "Gentlemen, if you only knew." She got to her feet. "It's not the men who are dangerous, it's the women."

~Loppu ~

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Book Three: Alpha Early 2016