Author's Note

Okay, you guys should know by now that I get most of my story ideas from music. So, here's the artists and songs that made this story possible.

After Forever: Silence From Afar

Amberian Dawn: Magic Forest

Amethystium: Strangely Beautiful

Breaking Benjamin: You Fight Me

BrunuhVille: The Eternal Forest

Charon: Little Angel

Delain: Go Away

Delain: Nothing Left

Diabulus In Musica: Inner Force

Epic North: Battle Scars

Faun: Unda

Indica: Precious Dark

Kamelot: Wings of Despair

Katra: Beast Within

Leaves' Eyes: Lyset

Leaves' Eyes: Hell to the Heavens

Lindsey Stirling: Elements

Liv Kristene featuring Michael Darkness: Love Decay

Nemesea: Afterlife

Nightwish: Rest Calm

Nightwish: Wish I Had An Angel

Nox Arcana: Beyond Midnight

Nox Arcana: Night of the Wolf

Savn: Hang On

Sirenia: My Destiny Coming to Pass

Sonata Arctica: The Wolves Die Young

Tarja: Neverlight

The Birthday Massacre: In the Dark

Theatre of Tragedy: Begin and End

Two Steps From Hell: Armada

Type O Negative: Wolf Moon

UnSun: The Last Tears

Vadim Kieselev: Moonlight Improvisation

West One Music: Duel to the Death

Within Temptation featuring Tarja: Paradise (What About Us?)

Xandria: Nightfall

Xenesthis: Reflections