The Morbid Grave

By Shadowgate


Peter Gordon was 15 years old and his sister Hanna aged 9 were both living with their aunt. Their parents were both shot to death by a mass murderer. They were at the local cemetery to visit their parent's graves which they do every Friday. Hanna decided to venture off to look at other graves. When Hanna yelled out to Peter "LOOK AT THIS GRAVE!"

Peter yelled "stay away from that morbid grave!"

Hanna got away from that grave and Peter told her "I'll tell you the true tale of the morbid grave."

Suddenly they felt a burst of freezing wind even though it was the summer. It was the summer of 2030 and it was in Columbus Ohio where Hanna would hear the horror story of The Morbid Grave.

Peter stated "the morbid grave is that of a child's who was executed by her own mother."

Hanna looked at her brother in shock. Peter said "it's true her own mother shot her in the heart because she joined a gang."

Hanna said "just for hanging out with the wrong crowd her mother decided to shoot her?"

Peter answered "well that and the fact that she killed a boy named Martin Rodriguez because he testified against one of them in a juvenile hall case."

Hanna said "well that will get you killed sometimes."

Peter added "because that boy was murdered the killer's mother decided to kill her."

Hanna asked if this gang was still around and Peter told her no and that it had just been a local gang in Columbus that was wiped out. He went on to say that the members were even killed or given life in prison.

Peter then asked "did you ask if they were still around because you wanted to join them?"

Hanna answered "no that's not why."

Peter said "I'm fucking with you."

Hanna said "well don't fuck with me you're supposed to look out for me because our parents are dead and I'm your little sister."

Peter grabs Hanna and hugs her.

Peter went on to tell the story. "It was 15 years ago. Yes in 2015 Heather Bellhop made a choice to join a violent street gang. This gang was run by both criminal adults and tough juvenile delinquents. All of them would kill at will."

Hanna commented "that's what gang members do."

Peter said "true but the Deep South Side Riders were brutal killers."

Peter continued on with the story "Heather Bellhop not only became a member of that gang she killed when she was ordered to do so."

"She murdered a boy named Martin Rodriguez for testifying against one of their members in a juvenile case. Her mother Angela found out about it and when she approached her daughter she shot her dead right in front of their whole neighborhood."

FLASHBACK 1/1/2015

Heather came out of her room. She and her mother Angela lived in a two story house and Heather slid down the staircase rail quite often. Before she could do it this time her mother said "don't slide down the stairs anymore you're getting too big for that."

Heather said "oh I don't care if it's a new year I can still do it."

Angela grabbed her daughter and said in an amusing way "knock it off."

Heather and Angela went to have dinner and shortly after dinner Heather got a cell phone call from her friend Jane.

"Hi Jane!"


Peter said "Jane would testify regarding that New Year's Day conversation and much more at the trial of Angela Bellhop."

Hanna asked "how did Heather become a member of The Deep South Side Riders?"

Peters answered "that's what I was about to explain."

"The first day back to school Heather and her friend Jane Hike were approached in the hallway by Billy Tucker. Billy Tucker had been dating Heather since Thanksgiving and now it was January and the school year started back up."


Billy Tucker walked up to Heather and Jane and said "hey Heather I want you to ride with me."

Heather said "okay I'll ride with you after school. Where are we going after school?"

Billy answered "no I mean ride with me and the Deep South Riders. I've been a member for six months now and it's bad ass."

Jane exclaimed "what?"

Heather agreed to join the gang and said "the protection from bullies would be great."

Jane said "count me out I don't want to sell crack."

Peter went on to tell the story "according to Jane Hike this was the beginning for Heather Bellhop's gang career. Billy Tucker and Heather Bellhop had been dating since November."

Hanna replied "I'm sure every news reporter wanted to interview Jane Hike after Heather was killed by her own mother. I'll bet her diary was wanted by police and anyone else since it obviously became a key piece of evidence in the trial against Heather's mom."

Peter replied "no kidding you're right about all that."

Hanna said "I can't imagine a mother wanting to kill her own child."

Peter said "well this mother was sentenced to life in prison and is still alive to endure a guilty conscience forever more."

Hanna said "oh knowing how we lost our parents I can't imagine a mother deliberately killing her own child."

Peter pointed out "you said that already and if you can handle it I'll continue telling you the entire story."

Hanna started to have concerns that Peter was making up the whole thing but she did not dare say so.

Peter said "I'm beginning to think this is a story that should wait because you're young."

Hanna replied "no way, you finish telling me all about Jane Hike's diary as well as the entire story of Heather Bellhop's gang life and her murder."

Peter told Hanna "I sure will."

Peter said "I will continue on with the story as I've promised. Otherwise you'll harass me at the dinner table and throw food at me."

Hanna replied "you know I will."

Peter carried on "Jake Hike never blogged her diary. She believed it would allow her privacy. After the murder of her best friend that diary was the first piece of evidence."

"Jane Hike was also the first witness."

Hanna asked "wait so after her friend was murdered she turned it over to the police? I mean she could have gotten in trouble for keeping that diary about her friend joining a gang a secret right?"

Peter answered "well the police officer Mark Gail who was in charge of the case asked her why she kept quiet. Her answer was 'best friends don't rat on each other and I had no idea Heather was going to kill someone."

"Officer Gail asked Jane if she had any idea her mother Angela was going to kill her and she said 'fuck no I had no idea."

Hanna laughed.

Peter then pointed out "you mentioned Jane Hike's diary before I even told you she had a diary."

Hanna replied "I did a little research on the infamous case. I've done research on Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer."

Peter said "just wait until the guys hear my little sister does research on morbid subjects."

Hanna said "oh sorry for not sticking to tea parties and playing with dolls. Oh but I must say that never in my life did I expect to stumble upon the morbid grave itself."

Peter said "now that you have I will I will finish the story. What we should do is go home and go online to read the 15 diary entries online. Plus we need to get home for dinner."

Before leaving Hanna took a picture of the Morbid Grave on her cellphone and then she caught up with her brother.

Diary Entry 1

January 5, 2015 Monday

My name is Jane Hike. Today I found out my best friend's boyfriend Billy Tucker is a member of the Deep South Side Riders. He asked both of us if we wanted to join. I said 'no because I don't want to sell crack.' My best friend Heather Bellhop agreed to join. I don't know what to do now.

Diary Entry 2

January 7, 2015 Wednesday

Since my best friend joined a gang things haven't been bad. I still get to see her. Today I saw her at 4:30 PM. She was riding with Al Decker and Robert 'Roller' White. They're two of the top leaders in the gang.

Diary Entry 3

January 21, 2015 Wednesday

I know for a fact Heather Bellhop now sells drugs. How do I know? She fucking told me so. We hung out at Dairy Queen and she was able to buy me dinner with the money she made selling drugs. Drug dealing is a victimless crime most of the time.

Diary Entry 4

February 2, 2015 Monday

After school Heather showed up at my house drunk. We had some hilarious fun. It's a good thing that my parents weren't home.

Diary Entry 5

February 6, 2015 Friday

I hope my parents don't find this journal. That's all I have to say for now.

Diary Entry 6

February 7, 2015 Saturday

Heather and I hung out for the day. She told me she was happy to be part of the Deep South Side Riders and had no regret joining.

Diary Entry 7

February 8, 2015 Sunday

I know there's a big fight planned at school tomorrow. It's between Rowdy Thunder and Carl Cody a rival gang member. Heather told me so.

Diary Entry 8

February 19, 2015 Thursday

The two rival gang members were put in juvenile hall for fighting. Who fucking cares? Kids fight all the time.

Diary Entry 9

February 26, 2015 Thursday

It's been over a week since I have written a diary entry. It's also been over a week since I've seen my best friend Heather Bellhop.

Diary Entry 10

February 27, 2015

I talked to Heather today. She said she's missed me and we hung out finally. She said she'd been busy with school work and running the drug deals.

Diary Entry 11

February 28, 2015

My best friend sent me an email telling me to meet her after school and we would go to the mall together. She also told me her and Bobby had sex for the first time.

Diary Entry 12

March 4, 2015 Wednesday

I had fun with Heather and Billy today. It was just like old times. So far I don't think her being in a gang is a problem.

Diary Entry 13

March 5, 2015 Thursday

There's been talk of a hit list at school. I wonder if my school will have a mass shooting like many before it. You never know if it will happen or not but no matter what you have to go to school. I can only hope that if the hit list rumor is true they find the fucking psycho who made it.

Diary Entry 14

March 11, 2015 Wednesday

The school was put on lock down. Lockers were searched. No weapons were found.

Diary Entry 15

March 12, 2015 Thursday

Today it happened! Heather shot Martin Rodriquez. Martin Rodriguez testified in juvenile hall against members of the Deep South Side Riders. I know they'll try Heather as an adult. I along with 10 others kids saw her do it at the park. One hour later she was in my drive way. We hugged even though I was furious at her for what she did.

She insisted that no kid would testify against her. I told her she should turn herself in. She said she ditched the gun. About two minutes after that her mother came up to my driveway and said "I can't believe you killed that boy."

Then she pulled out a gun and shot my best friend dead.

BACK TO 2030

Peter said "the trial began and that diary was the main piece of evidence. Angela pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Jane Hike and Mark Gail along with the coroner were the three witnesses for the prosecution. The defense had no witnesses. It took the jury six hours to convict her of first degree murder."

Hannah said "that's got to be one of the most horrible stories I've ever heard."

Peter said "that's the tale of The Morbid Grave."