I was alone.

Not just alone but I felt alone.

That's worse.

That's when one's mind goes into a vicious cycle of how alone, how meaningless, how worthless they are.

With no distractions.

I sat in a tiny room. I could only take a couple of steps in it. I had a small bed. My feet hung off the end and it was cold, so I often lay huddled under the thin grey cover.

I had a small window above my bed. Outside I could see the grey sky and nothing else. Not even birds. I often stared out of it, praying for a bird. For some form of life. Or maybe a ray of sunshine. True fully, I don't know why I stare but I do...

There is also a closet in my room with no close. It has a bucket so I use it as a bathroom. I would kill to be clean again. My skin is buried under the dirt.

There is a metal door to my room. I cannot see anything but darkness out of the gap on the floor. The gap is to small for me to crawl through but big enough to get food into my room. When I don't stare out of the window I stare through the gap. I never see anything. I never hear anything. Just the plate slide in. Sometimes I see the outline of boots but I am not sure. Maybe I am going mad...


My name is... my name is... I am...

I don't know anymore. Will you name me? Please name me.

On my last birthday I was eighteen but that was years ago... or months... I don't really know anymore. I wish I could separate the days.

My hair is long and brown... or dirty, and it is curly... or tangled. I am a girl, this I do know. I am rather short, well, I have to stand on my bed to see out the window.

Who are you? Why are you here now? Will you be my friend? Do I know you? Do you know me?

Will you come back tomorrow?