I looked up from where I was sitting in the back of the room just as he walked in. He didn't bother looking around the classroom just stared at Mr. Drench, as if expecting him to stop his lessen and speak to him. When Mr. Drench didn't look away from us he took it upon himself to look around. His eyes scanned the seats around the room, never stopping to roam on anyone longer than a second.

Suddenly they were on me, and they stopped for what seemed like a minute, but must have only been a few seconds longer on me. His eyes were a bright clean blue, like the ocean water on a sunny day. I found myself lost in their depths even after he looked away from me. He started to slowly walk his way to the back of the room, his eyes on the seat next to me that was empty.

When he got to the seat he sat down and stared at Mr. Drench as if listening intently to him talk about Ancient Rome. I knew I needed to look away before it got really awkward but I couldn't bring myself to look away from his face.

He had dark brown hair that was the bed head style and stopped just above his ears, a perfectly straight nose, thin but shapely lips that were a fine pink, and his jaw was almost perfect. As my eyes travelled down from his face to his arms that were well defined and muscled even through his long sleeve shirt to his strong hands that were sitting atop his desk while he played with his pencil. I dared look down past his arms to his chest, even from sitting beside him I could see the well-defined 6 pack he had under his shirt. He legs were long and lean as if he ran a lot, I would guess that he was a football, and rugby player at his old school.

"If you're done checking me out now, I would suggest paying attention to the teacher because he is expecting a 300 word essay by the end of the week on Ancient Rome." Came an extremely ear pleasing, deep, masculine voice.

I looked up at his face to see his head turned in my direction but his eyes facing Mr. Drench. I immediately looked away from him blushing a bright red, I could feel his eyes on my face and I knew that if I were to even turn my head slightly that I would meet his wondrous blue eyes.

Pushing my embarrassment aside I turned and looked at him, "I wasn't checking you, I looked at you as you sat down and I zoned out looking at you okay? Geez, someone is a little bit full of themselves."

I had turned back to my work when the bell rang signalling the end of class, as I was packing up my books and work I felt someone tap my shoulder. Not knowing who it would be because I didn't share this class with any of my friends I turned around and found myself staring into ocean coloured eyes.

He started leaning down, closer and closer. Invading my personal space, I could feel his breath on my face, I could see the flecks of green spread out randomly throughout his eyes and I was frozen in shock. With his mouth by my ear he whispered, "I like feisty girls." And then he was gone.

Hey so I have decided to start a new story, I am for sure going to keep up with this one I promise, let me know what you think! ~The lost and The Found~