Already Home

Chapter 6

The initial start of the car ride back to the school was quiet at first, but Scott quickly broke the silence.

"What are you doing tomorrow? Seeing as how it's you have any plans made at all?" He asked me casually.

"Um I think I only have homework to do; normally I would have to work but I booked this weekend off just to have some time to get my schedule figured out." I answered just as casually.

"I don't think we are going to have much homework to do this weekend honestly…you know considering the circumstances of today. Fingers crossed that when we get back to school they will just send us home." Scott winked at me.

"Yeah, who knows. We can only hope for something like that to happen haha. Although now that I think about it; why would they send you home? It's not like you got hurt by any means, right?" I asked feeling a little bit confused.

"Well you know, maybe because I have been with you for the past couple of hours and we only have one period left. Or maybe because I have some connections in the office!" He said, sending a wink and smirk my way.

I could help but laugh and blush a little bit. "You know, you're talking rather big. What do I get if you're wrong? Only about you though!"

"Hmm a bet eh? I like it. How about if I am wrong about you get to make a hilarious video of me doing some embarrassing? Although, if I am right then I get three full days of your undivided attention and we get to do what I want. Deal or no deal?" He asked, the smirk still being on his face hinting that he is feeling confident with his chances.

"Deal." I say, I hold my hand out for him to shake. A huge smile plastered across my face as he took my hand in his and completed the handshake with a firm grip and a smile of his own. The rest of the car ride was one of both of us humming to the music playing on the radio station.

Once we got back to school I quickly walked from the parking lot to the office to check myself back in, Scott was walking in tow behind me.

When we got inside Mrs. K greeted us, "Well what did the doctor say?"

"He said that it is nothing serious, just some swelling and bruising that may take a few days to calm down. No concussion which is wonderful! Other than that, it was mostly just waiting to see him that consumed all the time. Sorry about that, by the way, I didn't expect my doctor to be that busy!" I replied acting like I didn't just have an amazing burger and fries.

"Okay sounds wonderful, I am still going to be speaking to your parents as well as Justus'. As for you, Scott, I would like to again personally thank you for taking Aubrey to the doctor and ensuring that no other harm came to her during gym. For that I am going to dismiss the both of you for the rest of the day. Miss LeRoy, I am going to be calling your parents tonight okay?" After I nodded my head yes, she turned and headed back into her office.

"Well looks like you owe me three full days of your undivided attention." Scott said. I didn't even have to turn to face him to see the smirk on his face.

I quietly sighed to myself and faced him, "Well thanks for today, I really do mean it too! If it weren't for you offering to take me to the doctor's office I would've been embarrassed from being carted away by paramedics in an ambulance. When is my first day with you? Just so I know not to plan anything!"

"Your first day is going to be tomorrow, I will be picking you up at 11 in the morning. Dress causally but bring closed toed shoes if you don't plan on wearing them out all day! See you tomorrow!" With that he waved goodbye and walked out of the office towards his car.

For some strange reason, I was really looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe it was the change of my regular change that I was excited about, or maybe it was because I am excited yet nervous about what Scott's friendship is going to do to me.

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