Chapter 7

When I walked through the front door I wasn't surprised to find no one home but myself, I walked directly to the kitchen to grab a yogurt before heading up to my bedroom. Once I had closed my door I sat down at my desk, turned on my lap top and opened my social media page.

I wasn't all that surprised to see the incident in gym class a major conversation point for a lot of people on it. I also wasn't surprised to read a rude comment made by Justus on someone's short rant about how it was incredibly rude and child like to behave the way he did. I was surprised by the amount of negative feedback Justus received as backlash for his comment though; there were a lot of comments telling him that he needs to grow up and act his age and other people were even commenting saying that what ever punishment he receives isn't severe enough because it is ridiculous to hurt someone because he was about to lose a badminton game.

After scrolling down the main feed for a bit and sharing pictures and videos I found funny I shut down my computer and grabbed my eReader. I am in the middle of a great series about a female assassin who is in a rock and a hard place; she works for a king who also gave orders to slaughter her family, friends and village. She was left orphaned and taken in from a young age by a master assassin who raised her and had her first true love murdered, got her arrested and sent to a mine to be a slave and left her to die. In a twist of fate, she ends up winning a competition and working for the king and right now is working through the death of her best friend, blaming the love of her life for her friend's death and hanging out with the prince of the kingdom and finding out he has powers.

I am really hoping to have the fourth book in the series finished soon so I can finally understand the whole story and find out whether she forgives and forgets by concurring the kingdom and taking what is hers or not.

I had just sat down to read a couple of chapters when my phone beeped. I looked at the display and saw that it was a message from my mom asking me if I wanted anything from the grocery store.

Sure mom, can you grab me some apple sauce and granola bars please?

Sure, do we need anything else than the usual?

No, I think we will be fine.

I went back to read again but my phone beeped at me again, figuring it was my mom just giving me a quick response back I ignored the message. Ten minutes later my phone started ringing, looking at the caller ID I saw it was a number I didn't recognize.

"Hello?" I asked hesitantly.

"Hey, why didn't you answer my text message?" He said.

"I didn't hear my phone beep, by the way who is this?" I asked with more confidence then before.

"Why I am surprised you don't recognize my voice considering how much time we spent together today!" The man laughed, the sound was deep and husky.

"Scott?! How did you get my phone number? And why on earth would you need to text me?!" I questioned.

"Well I had texted you ten minutes ago to see if you wanted to work on the history assignment together, but because you didn't answer me I decided to give you a call." He answered smoothly, not hesitation at all in his voice.

"Oh, well usually essays are done independently you know. Or are you just trying to use me and copy my work, so you don't fail the assignment?" I asked, the suspicion clear in my voice.

He laughed into the phone, "Well when you put it like that I can see how you could get to that conclusion but no, I am not trying to use you to get the assignment done. It is just nice to have someone to talk to while doing work. Or at least I think it is." I could hear his smile through the phone.

It would be nice to have someone to talk to while doing homework. I mean I could always just come back home if I think that he is trying to use me.

"Well my mom is going to home soon from work and grocery shopping, so I am sure I will have time after dinner for a couple of hours. Where did you plan on doing this?" I asked.

"How about Tim's Coffee House? I hear they have the best coffee and hot chocolate in town!" He responded quickly.

"Okay, sounds good. I will meet you there for 6:30, don't be late!" I responded and quickly hung up with out so much as a goodbye.

For some reason I couldn't help the smile that formed on my face at the thought of hanging out with Scott.

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