My hero is Crow Lee Johnson. He's incredibly sexy and honestly the one that helped me realize I am gay. He was the first guy I ever crushed on. I mean all my family thinks I'm straight, seeing as I'm currently in a relationship with a girl. Kinda. She's gay too. Right now we are 'dating' because we know our parents and families would most likely disown us if we came out.

So I guess we are just best friends?

We dated, at least tried to, for about six months in the seventh grade. Boys, girls, and parents picked on us about our love lives so we were like 'fuck it, let's date someone, anyone'. That's how we met. She had just had a bad break up, publicly (in the mall), and was trying to convince the world she was straight and bumped into me, looked me in the eyes, said, "Don't freak out," and we have a make out session for about five minutes while her ex boyfriend was screaming at her and her friends were cheering

her on.

Yeah. Our friendship is fun. We get into all sorts of trouble.

We're now in college. My dorm mate is the ghost type. I haven't seen him. No, really, stuff moves but I never see him. My 'girlfriend', Jessica (Jess) Armstrong, has a roommate and I am totally loving that roommate. They are almost inseparable. Admittedly the roommate has a crush on Jessica, the oblivious soul, and has yet to say anything. I did tell her the reason why Jess and I are 'dating' though. I felt I didn't need hate mail.

Seeing as my hate mail stopped right after and turned into normal mail, I'm assuming I am no longer a threat.

Girls are scary. Most of the time.

Anyways, I'm double majoring in psychology business. Double majoring is so much stress! I was so pumped when the school told me I could double major. I threw a party in my dorm room. Basically, Jess, her roommate, and me hung out and drank root

beer floats.

I don't drink.

That would be stupid, especially as I have classes at 7 in the morning. What kind of sick sadist of a professor wants to teach that early? Damn morning people.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a night owl, I'm a midday person. Anyways, I'm heading to class early. But right now all I can do is sit in bed staring at the screen of the TV watching old movies. I can't sleep and I have a sinking feeling that something bad is about to go down.

I try to feel relaxed.

That was a bad plan, I now have to pee. So what do I do? I hold it.

Worse plan. I have to pee so bad that prolonging it is a bad plan.

I hop out of bed, find a flashlight, and slowly walk down the halls. Fully clothed of course, I may sleep naked but, um, yeah. I hear yelling down the hallway so I run to the bathroom. Full sprinting, I am suddenly glad I was in the cross country track team in high school. I pee as fast as I can but the yelling is just getting louder.

I guess that means they are headed my way.

So I get ready. I grab the plunger and toilet bowl cleaner. I leap out of the bathroom quickly taking in my surroundings. Three drunk guys are stumbling down the hallway.

"Eh! Lookie! Dudes,a freshy! Whaddya bet we could get him to-"

The biggest one starts, but loses his train of thought. Mainly because he's vomiting everywhere.

Now I freaking out. They lunge at me and what do I do? Scream and squirt the toilet bowl cleaner at their eyes, all the while I'm swinging with the plunger as hard as I can. People look out their dorms and they just stare.

Fools! How are they just-. My thoughts are interrupted by campus police rushing up. They see the terror in my face and take the cleaner and plunger from me, pull out hand cuffs, and, thankfully, cuff the drunkards. They motion for me to follow so I do.

I'm given a warm blanket and they ask me for details of what happened. The drunkards have to take a sobriety test. they fail so badly it's almost funny. Then I realize what they were about to do. I now have no problem feeling pride in my actions.

Fuck people who haze freshmen. It's just not cool. They have to go to the hospital but I am not in trouble. As it turns out these guys are the ones who've been terrorizing and hazing the new students.

I'm just glad it wasn't me and I took precaution.

I'm sent to bed with people following, making sure I'm not attacked again. I am out of sorts but fall asleep quickly, promising to give the campus police a call in the morning, verifying that I'm ok. The huge guy that walked me back laughs at my formality and offers me his hand. He's black and although intimidating at first, I'm enjoying his company. He has hazel eyes and being a sucker for great eyes I'm kinda interested but he seems straight or uninterested because he hasn't made a move.

"Bryce Williams." I grin, I made my first friend at college.

"I'm Jay Blue Edwards."

"Jay Blue?" He's laughing now, I laugh with him, my parents thought they were being clever. He shakes his head and roars with laughter when I tell him as such.

"See you 'round Blue." I shrug at the new nickname and go to bed. Today could have ended worse. I could have been raped for example. Or had charges pressed against me. Or not made a friend. Oh, can't forget, I could have not earned myself a nickname. Plus, I could have been told I wasn't allowed to double major. That would suck.

Psychology is for me, business is for my parents.

They are really conservative, at least my mom is, my dad is pretty dang liberal. Mom brings home the bacon, I you get my drift, she makes a lot of bacon every day. We are in the top twenty percentile but not the top one percent. That privilege belongs to Jess.

She doesn't technically have to come to school but she felt it would be a good experience. She has her own business; at the young age of seventeen she started it. Her family didn't originally back her, but now that all their finances are paid for by her, they tend to be pretty open minded. It's a wonder that she doesn't have the courage to tell them she's gay yet. It's pretty obvious, I mean she hates dresses, keeps her hair short, and rocks out to rock more than the fluffy shit she was raised on.

Her sister though? Oh, thank the gods above I am not surrounded by kids like that that, so immature. I would hate that kid. Jess doesn't see the favoritism as a bad thing though, she's grown strong because of it, that's what she says but I know that's not true.

I am also probably the worst person to approach about babysitting. I'm not bad per say, but I have been told I am harsh. I call it blunt.

I shrug as I finally upload my late nightcore remix. The girl that requested it is going to use it to ask out a guy she likes. Good for her I guess. I stretch and fall into bed. Not bothering to cover myself. My roommate is a ghost anyways.