I feel great.

No, really, I do... Kinda, we have been working on partner routines dances today and Ashton is currently lifting me up, about to toss me for the girls to catch. Sometimes I worry if they'll drop me, but at the moment, I'm just really damn happy Ashton can pick me up.

People are starting to question Jess and my relationship, including my parents. They visited yesterday, to make it all the more sucky, and saw Jess making out with another girl, whom I believe was Joe, but hey, you never know with these things.

I said we had an open relationship.

Oh yeah.

In my defense I thought it was a good lie at the time, the looks on my parents' faces informed me otherwise.


Anyways, you'll be happy to know I found out why Al and Ash were all cuddly yesterday, and apologized to Al and Ashton before we started dancing, 'cause let's be honest, I was an asshole.

Turns out Al's boyfriend, when he found out we are entering the dance competition that he is, felt intimidated, and dumped her with a text.

The asshole couldn't even click the call button.

Poor Al was sobbing before I came in. And then I was an asshole to her too. Fuck me...

Anyways, we are currently working on a choreography with me as center, 'cause everyone decided that I should be the 'leader' of the group, honestly, we need a cooler name than 'The Leader', that's what they've been calling me nonstop all day.

Oh, yeah, really cool, like yeah dude...


Anywho, the choreography is about a guy (me) who is caught with another man's (Ash) girl, (Al), and the other man's sisters (Jess and Joe) fall in love with the supposed cheater, who never actually cheated in the first place.

Because the sisters love him he uses them to make the man whose girl he was with, fall in love with him. And then the family fights for the man's love.

It's a very fast pace routine and it involves tons of throws, catches, and lifts, I happen to be the subject of those lifts, throws, and catches.

Oh boy!

They've only dropped me once.

It was kinda my fault, but mainly Ash's, he was groping my ass.

Like, serious gropage.

He groaned when I let my full weight rest on him. I mean come on, what's up with that?

The best part is when I'm used as a sort of jumping rope for Al, she gets, literally, knocked out of the picture. The end pose is of Ash and me flush against each other, my back to his front, with both Jess and Joe grabbing at my feet as Al lies on the ground in a dying position.

I love it.

And it has it's perks, like me and Ash-

"Hey, we're gonna head out, Jay, bye!" Jess, Joe, and Al all wave as they leave myself and Ashton together.

"Um, hey, you wanna practice some of those lifts?" the question catches me off guard and I stare at Ashton in shock. I slowly nod and he grins.

He lifts me as I run at him, we complete a series of lifts and then he suddenly finds my tickle spot on accident. It's right along my spine and I giggle like a schoolgirl. He laughs lifting me up and spinning.

I am slowly lowered down, so that I am flush against his body until my feet touch the ground.

Neither of us speaks, the air has become thick and heavy.

Suddenly, Ashton grabs my legs and holds me to him, I gasp as I feel his boner. I know I'm blushing and I can't help it. He's just so hot and makes me feel weird.

He slowly grinds into me and I feel myself jerk to attention. I think this could end badly, considering the team needs both of us and if we date this could go horribly wrong.

Ashton is kissing my neck, but hasn't tried for my mouth, the kisses are light and feathery, almost as if he's asking permission to go further.

The answer is a resounding "No", mainly for the team's sake.

We hear the studio door open and we jump away from each other so fast it's impossible to tell that we were doing anything.

Bryce is standing there with Matt and has the most irritating grin on his face ever.

"Hey love birds," I have to glare at him for that as my inner voice screams in frustration.