The Elemental Rights

-Law of Nature

Prologue- Light and Darkness

Ages ago in a land of peace there reigned a king. Sir Kalest ruled over the far reaches of the mountains, beyond the rolling sea, and even to the edges of the plains to the far south. It was so vast, that he decided to instill four young warriors with the duty of taking to each corner of the kingdom.

One warrior took the direct south where the seas expanded to the horizon in both directions. A sea farer who loved to navigate the ocean both above and under the waters surface. He had fleets of ships full of followers and treasure that he would on occasion bring back to Kalest in payment for his rule of the sea. He became one of the most feared pirates in the entire kingdom, and no one would dare cross his path and challenge his leadership.

The second of the four was sent farther south to where the great deserts were. Being of nimble feet she made quick across the sands, and found that inside the dunes were solid rock faces that housed caves. She had began to summon those from the bordering edges of the sand and build a great city underneath the seemingly harmless grains. It was this colony that began to mine farther under the mountain and soon found rich minerals and metals that could be forged into all sorts of weapons and treasure.

The third had taken to the east, in a forest lush and green. It was here that he learned the way to speak to animals, and even plant life. Connected with the earth he would often meditate for days on end. It was on the fifth year of his reign that he crossed paths with a mythical people. Magic wielding folk that knew the ways of alchemy and even how to harness energy from the sun. In return for them teaching him the way of magic, he offered them protection from outside intruders. With his heightened senses he could harness all the powers of magic in the land.

The last of the four journeyed to the far reaches of the lands. She was a scholar before being tasked with ruling the south lands. Kalest had asked her to take his time ring and journey to the far reaches of the uncharted lands. The time ring, as one might expect, made time slower than normal. What would have surely taken her months to reach she managed in only a few days. She charted everything along the way and even found new paths to take. After the first week she had been so far from the kingdom that it was out of sight. Hidden behind the great expanse of ocean. To the west she knew her sister would be in the desert, and to the east and north her brothers.

Sir Kalests own heirs had been sent out. The brothers twins of sixteen, and his daughters of ages fifteen and seventeen. He knew that they'd be protected by the power that was given to him by an angel when he was young. It was known by only few, but Kalest had been blessed with the power of nature. A rule over all four of the elements, making him one supreme being. He had never needed to use this power until it was ten years after sending out his children

Shadows began to overtake the city, and the hearts of the villagers began to turn. It was some unforeseen force that was gripping hold of them. Kalest was unaware of such things until the one responsible for it had come to his own castle. A dark knight, shaded in rags walked down to the throne. Kalest tried to discern who it was, but was unable.

"Reveal yourself in the presence of your king!" Kalest shouted from the back of the throne room. He had adjusted his crown and grabbed his scepter from the hooks on the side of his throne.

"I shall show my face to no king. I come to take this kingdom in the name of Letza. He sends me with the expectation that you will surrender. Do you accept these conditions?" The shadowy figure continued approaching the king, keeping his face shrouded.

"Your conditions are out of line. Tell your master that I shall not fall to the likes of him." Kalest took his scepter and raised it high. "Behold the gift I was given in preparation for this meeting." A bright light enveloped him and he was transformed into an angelic figure. Spreading his wings wide he took to the air. From his back he procured a spear and whirled it in a flourish.

"That power shall be destroyed along with you Kalest." The knight removed his draped robe. There in the middle of the courtroom beheld a dark angel. With midnight wings and solid shining armour he took from his own back a pole axe. "Letza gave me this dark power to conquer this land. It shall not be wasted power, but power used to bring forth the new age."

The knight took to the air, and with an exchange of blows the two angel like figures were locked in battle. The speed of the battle began to increase until all a humans eye would be able to decipher was two blurs. Dark and Light swirls, flying around in the high reaches of the throne room. However in the eyes of the two with power it was plain as day. The knight took stabs and swipes at Kalest, but to his disappointment Kalest was faster. It was so that Kalest was making successful strikes with his pike, until something unexpected.

From one of the windows the moonlight shown through, and the knight took the the beam. "Alas king, your reign ends now. For just as the sun gives life to the earth, the moon takes it away. I, Yeslie, shall become the new ruler of your land. There's no hope of escaping now. I can feel your power dwindling." Yeslie had been grounded and standing in the moonlight. Like some kind of mystical power, his wounds began to heal. Within seconds he was fully regenerated, and Kalest knew it would be his end.

"You say these things, but it is the sun that gives the moon it's light." Kalest landed and struck his pike on the floor. It transformed to a sapphire gemstone, and within it an endless expanse. Taking the power he had left, he poured it into the stone.
"I see that even after all this fighting you've taken to removing your weapon and accepting fate," Yeslie had not seen that Kalest had created the small gemstone. "It'll be quick and clean. A king as powerful as you deserves nothing less. Besides, the faster I destroy you, the sooner Letza can take control of this land." With that Yeslie took to the sky, and the power he had absorbed from the moon began to radiate within him.

Kalest had nearly finished transferring his light energy into the gemstone when his time was ended. It was over. Yeslie had speared the king through the chest with a dark arrow. Being over taken by the darkness the king dropped the gemstone to the ground. It was then that the ground opened up and the gem was lost. "Protect my kingdom... My children... You are blessed." The final breath of the king was spent and he passed to the dark void.

Yeslie laughed, "Your children will be the next ones to die." He pulled the arrow from Kalest's chest, and disintegrated it in his palm. "No one shall be allowed to speak the name of their king without recompense. Decreed by the dark entity, I bring a message to this land. Letza shall devour all traces of your power." The dead king lay on the ground, lifeless.

Unaware of the happenings back at the kingdom, the children of Kalest had been going about as normal. The dark power that would be had not taken a hold of them. They were immune to it's grip, and try as they might they couldn't change back the hearts of those that had been taken. It was a time of great famine in the forests of the mystics. Mining in the east had come to a grinding halt. In the north the ships of the seas had begun to attack and plunder each other, greed taking hold of many of the pirates.

It was the youngest sister who had traveled the farthest south that felt the blessing of her father first. Deep in her heart she could feel a warmth, a fire inside her heart. She became increasingly warm, and surprised that many things that would normally be hot were now cool.

To the east in the village of mystics, the first of the twin sons felt as if he could fly. He could jump to the tops of trees, as if the effects of gravity had left him. He took to the top of the foliage and saw that indeed the ruin of the darkness had taken hold of his mystics.

Under the mountains a great rage began to grow in the oldest daughter. It overtook her and with a scream of rage spires and spikes came forth from the earth. Taking her fists she began to punch them in anger, shattering them to rubble.

In the high seas, with all the plunder and pillaging the second twin brother began to fall into a sadness. In an act of death he jumped from his ship and swam as far down as he could. Feeling like he could no longer hold his breath he readied for his end. Opening his mouth he drew in what he hoped would be his last. It shocked him that in his attempt to destroy himself he had found that he was pulling air from the water.

The four heirs of Kalest had each taken one of the parts of the kings power. The oldest daughter the power of earth, the youngest the power of fire. The twins the power of wind and water. Unlocked potential lie within all four of them, but no key would be found. A gemstone key that would be lost for many ages, and its power hidden for generations.

The land was in ruin, and even with the new found powers all the four could do was regain the lands they had lost in the darkness. It was a time of rebirth, and revolution for the rest of the world. The four corners of the main continent had been filled with the descendants of the four heirs.

In the lands of the mountains a mining people grew and with the power of their Earth king harvested metals and forged weapons that would surpass even the previous age. Golds and silver were found, and new metals were created in forging unbreakable weapons.

In the land of the mystics the Wind mage had done his best to preserve the forest as well he could. He grew one with nature, and was able to influence the growth of plants. He mastered alchemy, and with the magical power of the mystics he attained a weightlessness and speed that made him unmatched in agility.

In the far reaches of the south the Fire maiden instilled in the people there a lifestyle of simplicity. She helped build cities, and even a school for children to learn. She never used her power, and in some aspects she was afraid of it.

Corsair of Water he was called, the second twin. He could sail any ship, and even change the course of water. With his power he began to create channels under the water that would make for fast travel. It was known to many and soon these became trade routes for costal towns.

In the years that passed the royal lines disappeared, and there were no rulers. The elemental power that the four had obtained went into remission, and the world had lost its peace. It should be noted that because of the four heirs the darkness of Letza and his servant Yeslie couldn't spread past the island in the north that contained the kingdom. With the children now long past, and the third age of the earth starting the darkness began to seep back into the hearts of humans.

It was this time that four descendants of Sir Kalest attained the hidden and locked power of their ancestors. They came together from the far reaches of the land, each bringing with them the skills they had attained. From the earth descendant, a son of the sixth line, weapons to be used in conjunction with the elemental powers. From the fire descendant, a daughter of the eighth line, the power of the true nature of fire. Creating protective auras around those whom the user loved. From the wind descendant, the daughter seventh in line, the agility and magic of the mystics. Last from the descendant of Water, the son of the ninth in line, the power to influence others in mind and body.

The four children, all connected through the earth, reached the lands of their fallen king. The battle for light was no easy task, but between them they were able to vanquish Yeslie and his dark power. With the darkness removed from the kingdom, Kalest's final gift was revealed.

The sapphire gemstone had materialized and given the four the kings final message.

"It was so that in this day I will be destroyed by darkness. Inside this gem is the power given to me by the angels of old. It is a great power that cannot be unlocked by anyone but the descendants of my own children. A simple gem to those unaware, and it's power locked within. When the time comes again give this gem to those who will need it. Letza shall return again, and the Light given to me shall be needed. My descendants, Warriors of Light, children of the elements; protect this gem."

With that the sapphire darkened and was as it would be for the next five centuries. It was given to the daughter of wind. Upon leaving the kingdom for the final time, the four warriors left their weapons and sealed the kingdom from evil. It would be that this kingdom would live on in the memories of those who have lived there, and those who had defended it against evil. Although no one would reside in it after the battle with Yeslie, those who had would inhabit the lands of the south continent.