Title: The Lost Prince
M (for themes of violence)
18 years ago, the king and queen of a distant kingdom were murdered in cold blood by the brother of the king, the king of Cravenwood King Leland. The only thing left behind was the young infant son, the prince of the kingdom, who disappeared shortly after the murders of his parents. What happened to him? Nobody knows, until 18 years later when the young prince returns to take back his kingdom.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a kingdom far far away and all that repetitive clichéd nonsense, there lived a righteous king, King Vincent, and a beautiful queen, Queen Lilianna, who ruled with an iron fist. Their kingdom was very beautiful, full of legendary creatures, brave warriors, and kind souls who wanted nothing more than to live in peace with the kingdom of the north. The ruler of the Kingdom of Cravenwood, King Leland, was very cruel, however and was jealous of his brother's kingdom. "Mother always liked my brother best. I was the first in line. That kingdom's my birthright," he sneered, his voice growling with anger with each word uttered. And it was indeed his birthright, but, his mother saw something in Vincent that was not seen in Leland. Where Leland was mean and cruel, Vincent was good and kind. Where Leland was selfish and brooding, Vincent was giving and happy. "And his queen; she's supposed to be mine! Brother, why do you sit upon my throne when I should be the one that's sitting upon your chair?" But, that would only be a slap in the face for Leland, for Lilianna and Vincent soon had a son, a young prince, whom was being presented to the kingdom today. It was his presentation to the entire kingdom. And Leland was going to be there alright, but, not in the way anyone expected.

As the peasants and the royals dined, Leland waited, watching the guards' every move. He could smell the fear almost. His army was behind him. He was going to give the signal and storm the castle. That was the plan. They were to stick to the plan. The dark king found his opening when the guards opened the gates, and revealed him standing there. "Brother! Come to celebrate with the family at last, I see," Vincent said, spreading his arms open wide. Leland made his way into the dining hall where the young prince lay in a carriage, cooing as his mother looked down upon him. Leland smirked, looking upon his newborn nephew and at his brother, who was wrapping him in a warm embrace. "Welcome brother! It's been way too long for this." Leland nodded and that's when he drew his longsword and stuck it in the back of his brother's neck, making a slicing motion. The party screamed as the king's dead body fell to the ground, Lilianna in shock as she grabbed the young babe. She ran, the murderer of her husband right behind her. "Help me! Somebody help me!" she screamed, clutching the baby to her chest.

She tripped, the baby dropping from her arms as she rolled over watching the longsword come down in a slashing motion. By the time the massacre was over, there was nobody alive. And the only thing left behind by the young prince, was his pram, splattered with the blood of his parents. You might ask yourself, did the young babe make it out and to safety? Yes he did. And this is where I leave you…. For 18 years….

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