I wish that I could comfort you

Take you in my arms

And nurture you.

They say that I am broken now

They say that my eyes only

Look down,

The laugh lines have faded out

And all my smiles have turned to


I say, what do they know?

Lucky them if our pain they

Could not know.

My words no longer flow with ease

I may no longer glow with girlish glee,

But I'm not a shrunken bitter mess

I'd still hold you tight if your heart

You'd confess.

You think your tears fall to waist,

No one appreciates the precious

toll they take,

but sweetheart that's your mistake

I'd hold each drop of your soul you

ever let escape.

You aren't some empty shell,

Believe me,

I am all too familiar with that hell,

You have feelings you can't describe

You just keep shoving them deep

Down inside.

We aren't wells, you and I.

We are people and we were

meant to let people in,

And to share what we hate

And keep inside.

There is no longer any darkness

I haven't seen,

No amount of love i haven't need.

I have no right to make a demand

And if you walk away, I understand.

But I'm standing here just the same,

Wanting you to know,

Before you think you're at the end

I'm right here offering to be your friend.