I'm not broken

I've words left unspoken

I see you watching

Waiting for me to shatter apart.

Your eyes betray you

My fears still slay you

I wish I could ease your heart.

I may be slipping

I may be tilting

But i'm not quite

done just yet.

You see me on empty

I see me half full.

We can't meet halfway.

Not when we let life twist us

when were already being pulled.

Maybe I'm crazy,

I'll embrace it if you'd let me…

I'd get some relief

Instead of always fighting with the beast

Thats roaring inside of my head.

I see you watching,

I see you waiting,

Your eyes so full of pain

Eyes that have been betrayed

Eyes that match mine in every way-

So i'll keep fighting,

And I'll keep writing

Because I still have words left to say.

I promised I wouldn't leave you

I wouldn't hurt you,

I wouldn't desert you.

I could never do you that way.

All my life you've been my hero,

Swooped in and saved me

but something's even you can't

take away.

So i'll stand here and fight this,

I am not broken,

I just sometimes sway-

I'll stand here beside you.

Just promise me you'll always

be here to light my way.