Forget about deprivation and fantasy.

Honey for once lets just concentrate

On you and me.

Push me up against the wall

Take it all

Or lay me back gently.

Look me in the eye

Believe me when I say

I want to just give you what you need.

You've been in pain too long

You've been locked down

You've put yourself aside,

And I can't take that look in your eyes

That painful glint saying you don't know

What else to try.

So honey, Put your hands on my beating heart

Feel the warmth of my skin

Feel it beat,

Feel me inviting you in.

I can show you where to go

I can lead the way

If you don't know.

Feel your fingertips explore

my hips

Feel them finding my lips

As I kiss you with my soul.

Honey, just let it out,

Let it go!

Give it to me now,

No reason that the past

Is something you should hold.

Sometimes its rough

Sometimes its soft,

Sometimes you scream

Sometimes you stay in silent agony.

Honey- how many times have I watched you

play that guitar?

Put it down now, come to me,

Touch me like I had strings

Open your mouth baby,

Even if you moan it'll still

seem like you're singing to me.

Give me your song,

Play it for me all night long.

I won't leave,

I'm listening only for you.

No more deprivation

No more fantasy,

This is my offer Honey.

Just you and me.