The Rules are the Law.

At least for those of us who still wander. You know what I mean kid? The Wanderers? The last of the few who still journey between settlements. You know, of course you do. But you don't understand. You don't remember the old world. The one of highways and where one could travel by air between New York and Los Angelus in a few hours instead of a few months. Back when New York and LA were major cities spanning hundreds of square miles instead of a few dozen miles.

The Rules are the Law.

Back when the plague started, things were anarchy. It took years for the rules to come into force, to be accepted. So many criminal elements wandering about. So many groups claiming to be the representatives of the old government. The Rules are in place to make things simple and to avoid hassle. The rules are simple. There are many unwritten ones, but six you need to know before ever taking on your role as a Wanderer.

One) A trade for a trade. Simple. I give you food or some other commodity, you give me something in return. Information about the road I am taking, medicine, ammunition for my gun, anything that would be valuable in my journey.

Two) No talk about religion or politics. Politics brings us back to which one of the half dozen groups still in excistence represent the "true" government. Religion... Well, take a look at the group that was in in Indiana. Barbaric is the word I would use.

Three) If the person is old enough, no talk about what they did before the plague. No one needs painful memories dragged up.

Four) Shelter must always be given. One Wanderer must always shelter another, and each settlement must shelter a Wanderer. Wanderers are family, and Wanderers are the trade routes between settlements.

Five) Use your head. This implies that you will know what unwritten rules apply to you.

Six) The infected are dwindling, but still out there.

Now you know the rules, it it time you know the history of the plague.

Authors Note: the beginning of my first fic. What do you think?