The woman sat blanked faced, not letting her eye wander from the screen once. In her small office surrounded by meaningless and worthless people, thinking about it...all those years ago. Perhaps she thought that being an editor was going to be more glamorous? No that wasn't the problem for the blond. First of all she didn't care how glamorous or how much attention she got in the first place.

The blue eyed woman simply stared at the rows upon rows of words. These were things sent to her publishing company that she could either deny or accept. Not that such a thing mattered to her, she was simply going though the motions of her job. She didn't care for most stories. But that also didn't matter.

The sun was still in the sky, as the small cubical walls slowly felt like they were about to crush her in nothing. Perhaps that was the dredge of being 31...or maybe that was the dread of being bored. Not the normal kind of bored, the empty kind of bored that only came from life stagnating...honestly she didn't even care if she died or lived. First off all, no one would have cared if she died...which was a relief to her.

Though none of that mattered, perhaps it mattered to a worthless idiot that find anything they can relate to in a character and try to project that on them. Even if said character was a serial rapist. However once again that didn't matter, what mattered was what she was constantly reading.

Of course the type of publishing firm she was working for was very much for the brooding and dark teens. At least that is what their target audience was, the kind of books that wanted to make people feel better about themselves by presenting themselves as deep and interesting...though once again. It was less due to the writer and more the readers looking too much into it.

For all she knew, a stupid romance about vampires was just that...a stupid romance about vampires that one shouldn't look too far into past surface value. Perhaps it was legit garbage, but it was obvious the book wasn't created for her or her age group. Unfortunately people ended trying to add meaning and purpose to it...Thinking about it, it was a bad habit people picked up in high school. Trying to find meaning in everything, especially something as pointless as stupid romance and hyper violence.

However, once again that wasn't the purpose of her thoughts. She scanned though the story once again. It was decent, but easily not something that should have been published there. A basic plot, while fun, nothing too thought provoking and the characters being rather basic as well. Nothing really too wrong with them, and obviously not enough serial killers or thieves for the reader to relate to. It was a fun light story in a goofy world...which meant that it really wasn't fit for adults and teen readers.

"Eh... I can at least send a recommendation..." She clicked and typed up a few sentences for another publishing firm.

Strangely enough...thinking about it, she wondered what was the last time she actually read a mature book. Things started to blend together after awhile, though it was also at that point she honestly stopped caring about what the story had to tell her. As a result, her not caring about the message of a story when a large majority of stories trying to tell her a message was troublesome.

Though it seemed that simpler stories tended to be more popular overall...despite so many writers trying to shove a similar plot line with far more symbolism. This easily went back to the idea that people don't care as much about the details that writers would like the readers to believe.

Thinking about it, the woman realize this conversation she was having to herself was completely pointless. The musing of a woman that really didn't have anything of note. Someone who didn't hate their life, but didn't love it...someone who probably wouldn't think too much about killing someone if she knew she could get away with it. In fact her entire thought process was kind of odd...she knew it was completely pointless thoughts, in fact most of what she thought could have been erased from existence without losing anything.

Oddly enough, if someone was reading her thoughts...they would probably think far too much about them. Trying to find meaning in everything said when there isn't any. After all, most people seek media that makes them feel smart rather than media that actually is smart...however once again that sentence had no meaning. It was statements that should be taken at face value. Anymore and something falls apart.

Well regardless the woman was continuing her pointless existence as the time for her to leave work drew near. As the stars outside the window started to shine she got up from her seat and sighed...only saying one things.

"I think I'm going to kill someone tonight..."

Author note

This will either be a one shot or a short series...though it's something you should probably take at face value. Nothing of any real value is in these pages/words...just some random ramblings, like earlier. It is a bad habit to think about things too hard.