He held her close to his chest. She was dying, and he loved her. Just minutes before now, the battle was raging. Now, only he and his love remained. Just minutes before now, a man on the opposing side came running towards her. Now, it was only a memory. Just minutes before now, the man's sword went through her stomach and she doubled over onto the ground. He shot the man in the neck with an arrow and ran towards his one and only love. He picked her up gently and ran to safety. She started to feel heavier in his arms as she started to drift away. After what seemed like forever, he got to safety with her in his arms. He laid her down on the cold stone floor, blood stained her clothes. Her breathing became labored, she was practically gasping for air. All the times she fell asleep in his arms, all the times they went riding in the woods, all the kisses, hugs, and smiles would be gone in one short hour. A tear ran down his cheek. He was not a crying man but this was an exception. He wished it would have been him instead. He would have died for her. He loved her.

He held her hand and stroked her hair. She had tried to talk a few times but he made her stop. He didn't want her to die but it was unavoidable. A bit of blood spilled out of the corner of her mouth as she coughed and he wiped it away with his handkerchief. She gripped his hand as another piercing pain when through her limp body. The blood didn't stop coming and yet she looked like she was ready to die, unafraid. She opened her mouth to speak, "I….I love you…Don't let me go….I don't want to die alone…" He smiled slightly through his sorrowful tears, "I will never leave you. I love you too." He leaned down slowly and kissed her one last time, she kissed him back as well as she possibly could. "I promised I would fight for you and protect you for the rest of my life and I didn't do a very good job. I'm so sorry Jacquelyn." She smiled slightly and touched his soft cheek, "Its okay, love. You fought for me as well as you possibly could and I love you for that. I love you, Merek, and I always, always will….." She coughed again and blood spilled down her chin and onto the stone floor. She gripped his hand one more time and he knew this was the end. "Don't go Jacquelyn. Don't leave me!" Tears streamed down his cheeks. "I…love…you….Merek…." And with that last breath she was gone. Merek screamed at the top of his lungs. The entire battlefield heard it, the entire palace heard it. His sorrow was incomparable to any other man's sorrow. The love of his life was gone. He pressed her lifeless body to his chest and sobbed like he hadn't ever before. And he stayed there with her until the sobbing subsided. He still loved her; she was the only woman he ever loved. His love, his life, his all…..