She is a girl, just a girl

Despite the sentiments of the crowds

They say she is a beast, an uncontrollable animal

One who doesn't belong here

All she owns are her doubts in her head and the heaviness in her heart

She carries it along on her journeys to unknown wonderlands

The whispers, she hears

Bleeding from their mouths onto her ears

Tainting her soul a ghostly gray

They sing a depressing tune to her

But her daddy told her to be strong

So she strides through them though it is like treading through an ocean


She has only ever been a girl

As simple as they come, as unoriginal as they get

She'd always thought of herself as a colorless breed

But a boy with hair like mud and eyes like the fading sunset found her

He picked at her birthmarks and wrote on her skin with his lips

He traced the beauty in her

They fell, oh how they fell

Spiraling to a black void which they'd never really recover

Red string tied their fingertips close, but a tidal wave called destiny broke them apart


She was in tatters, this girl

Her heart sank to the bottom of the ocean that was her chest

Her eyes weren't bright city lights, but a desolate plain in the night

The feet she carried dragged her evermore

And her future was uncertain

She didn't hear the whispers from them, only the whispers in her head

Judging every sudden move, every glance, every breath

She was not a girl, just a floating being in the wind

A spirit far from home, looking to be captured

Her mother told her that she was everlasting; a beauty to behold

That she could not believe anymore

This she was, a lonely soul

She was a girl no longer, only an animal