Chapter 35

Luke's POV

We're a few minutes away from the hospital so I decide that we should find a hotel before we go visit Puck. I'm just driving around looking for the first hotel I see now.

"Kenza, will you wake Alice up and have her get her stuff gathered up while I look for a hotel?"

"Yeah sure." She says and turns around to do that.

A few minutes later I found a nice looking hotel that didn't look to expensive. I parked the car and told Kenza to stay in the car with Alice while I went to get us a room.

The lobby looked really nice. There's a fountain in the middle and behind the fountain is an elevator. There's also a cafe and a lot of seating throughout the whole lobby. And there's plants everywhere I looked. The receptionist area is straight across from the fountain. I went there after admiring the lobby.

"Hi welcome to Park View City Inn, how may I help you?" The receptionist looks very happy and I'm not sure how to describe how else she looked. Preppy maybe?

"Hi, I need a room please."

"How many beds?" She asks as she types some stuff into the computer in front of her.

"Do you have a room with 3?"

"We do not. We have 1, 2, 4, and 6. If needed we could move a roll in bed into the room. It would cost extra a night though and I'm not entirely sure we have any left. We've been quite busy recently."

"I'll take 2 beds then." We'll just have to figure out sleeping arrangements because there's no need to pay extra for an extra bed. It won't be any different than how it is at home.

"Did you want the roll in bed?"

"No thank you." She types some more stuff into her computer.

"Would you like to pay extra to get a room on a lower floor?" She asks. I look up to see how many floors there were. I don't know how I didn't realize it when I pulled in but this place was huge. There had to be at least 20 floors. All with balconies over the middle of the hotel.

"What floor would we be on if I didn't?"

"Hang on a sec while I figure that out." She types away and looks closer at her computer for a few seconds. "You would be on floor 9. Is that okay?"

"Yes, that's fine. I'll take it." She types some more and then presses enter with a little force as if to show that she was finally done doing what she was doing.

"Card please." I hand her the card my parents gave me.

"How long will you be staying at Park View CIty Inn?"

"I'm not sure, at least a week though." I'll have to figure that out soon.

"Okay. We'll just charge your card everyday that you don't bring us the room keys before noon."

"Okay thank you, ma'am."

"Here's your room keys. There's two in there. You're in room 912." I take them and say thank you as I walk away.

I walk back outside to the truck to get all our stuff and the girls.

By the time I get to the truck Kenza and Alice have already loaded all our stuff onto carts and were ready to go.

"We got room 912 on the 9th floor." I tell them when we walk into the building.

"Wow! This place is huge!" Alice exclaims upon seeing the lobby.

"It looks nice." Kenza comments and I nod in agreement.

As soon as she spots it, Alice runs to the fountain. "Don't go too far! We still haven't gone to see Puck yet!" I yell to her before she runs away completely.

"I won't!" She yells back. She stops at the fountain and stares at it. Then she runs back to us, we're still walking towards the elevator. "Do you guys have any change I could throw into the fountain?" She asks, out of breath from running.

I reach into my pocket and find a few pennies. I hand them to her and she runs back to the fountain.

Once Kenza and I reach the elevator Alice had already pressed the up button and was waiting on us to get there. She's a fast chld.

Our room is nice sized. There's an area with some chairs and a couch with a TV when we first walk in then there's a room in the back that has the beds and a wardrobe. The bathroom is off to the side. And there's a tiny kitchen area across from the bathroom with a sink, mini fridge, and microwave.

"There's only two beds. How are we sleeping?" I hear Alice say from in the bedroom.

I look over at Kenza who shrugs her shoulders and looks at me questioningly.

"How do you want to sleep Alice?" I ask her. I figured I'd let her decide and then when we take her home Kenza and I will have our own beds.

"I want my own huge bed!" She yells loudly and then I hear a thud which I assume is from her dropping her stuff and then jumping on the bed she chose.

"That good with you?" I ask turning to look at Kenza.

"No, I don't want to share a bed with you when I do it all the time at home." She says sarcastically and rolling her eyes. I laugh and follow her into the bedroom to unpack our stuff.

After we finish unpacking all our bags, we take the cart downstairs.

"Are you guys ready to go meet Puck?" I ask them.

"YES!" Alice and Kenza scream together. That got some people in the lobby to look at us strangely but we ignored them and went to the truck.

"Who wants to call Puck and tell him we're a few minutes away?!" I ask excitedly.

"ME!" They both answer. I laugh and pull out my phone. I hand it to Kenza. "Call and put it on speaker."

She does that. He picks up after a few rings. "Hello?"

"WE'RE ALMOST THERE!" Alice and Kenza shout as I say it.

"Jeez guys! Did ya need to break my ear drum to say that?" He asks while laughing. We laughed too. There was some shuffling around and then some mumbling. "How far away are you guys?"

"A few minutes. We just booked a hotel room so we're here to stay for a while!" Kenza answers his question.

"Awesome! I'll meet you guys outside the entrance."

"Sounds good!" I say.

"Also Peter and Will are here. So we'll all three be out there."

"Okay. See ya in a few minutes dude." I say.

"Bye!" The girls shout.

"See ya soon." He says and hangs up.

"Who's Peter and Will?" Alice asks.

"They're Puck's other friends from before the coma." I tell her.

"Oh okay." She says.

Conversation stopped after that. We were all too excited to finally see Puck!