Can you be quiet?
Quiet like a mouse, that hides from a cat?
Can you shiver, silent and secret like that?

Can you be quiet?
Quiet like the snow that falls to the ground?
So soft, so cool—it makes no sound?

Can you wait?
Wait like the whole world just waking?
Alert and ready for the brand new day, for the almost dark
to get lighter, lighter, lighter?
For that golden sun to slip up over the trees
Spilling it's warmth, sweeping it's color into cotton candy skies
gold, orange, red, pink clouds- and if you listen?
It will sound like the breath of the wind
and the birds start to sing.

So listen. Can you listen?
To sounds far away like the rumble of cars?
Or the people- talk, talk talking, walk, walk, walking- on the street?
And there are close sounds. Sounds as close as a sigh—a big breath in, a big breath out- or closer still,
that little beat, that little drum, your own heart? Ssshhh. If you can't hear it, maybe you can feel it.
Your heart, your own heart beat.

Ssshhh. So are you ready, are you quiet?
Ssshhh. If you're quiet, if you're ready, if you listen,
you don't have to wait.

It's time, it's time
time to listen-
to listen to me, because I'm ready to tell the best stories.