Hey my devoted people who still read my crap. I am not dead and I know that's hard to believe since I haven't uploaded fuck all in forever, but life happens, life like work and get togethers and new video games (Far Cry 4 is so fun!). You know, all that crap. Anyway, this is my contribution for you today, an AU-ish piece from Private Practice that I'm kind of proud of actually. Yes, proud that I wrote 15 pages of smut in a day! Anyway, onward to smut!

Warnings: Threesome-ish, PWP, Drug and alcohol use, guys boning other guys.


If you had asked Andrew Wells if he was an open minded person, he would have said of course. After all, he had been a closeted homosexual for most of his life and only recently had come to terms with who he was. He had met and fell in love with a young man with striking, beautiful blue eyes, dark blond hair and a winning, sweet smile. They, like all lovers, had their ups and downs, their fights and making up and Andrew never once regretted a single damn day since loving him. He loved everything about Jeremy Wample, everything a person could completely love about another person. He was happy with this revelation and his world seemed all the better for it.

However, during their first year together there were certain obstacles to overcome, all in the form of Jeremy's childhood best friend Michael Edwards. He was an asshole and Andrew would never say anything different and still to this day would say it, even to the asshole himself; but that was then, this was now. Now, they had come to somewhat of an understanding, an agreement that regardless of their tenacious feelings towards one another they would play nice for Jeremy's sake and after a while, a very long, and tumultuous while, they could finally call each other friend.

Or acquaintance, whatever was less emotional for the two.

So, when Jeremy casually mentioned to Andrew one evening before bed that Mike would be coming over on their Saturday off for a day of relaxation and geerkery Andrew had shrugged it off and smiled, willing to hang out with the other man for the day. Besides, once you got past the rage spewing, closeted bigot that he had been, Mike was actually a cool guy. Sure, it had taken over a year, but Andrew felt that he had won the other man over and had his own theories for why that was possible.

If you asked Andrew Wells what he really thought about Mike, perhaps if he was an outsider looking in and having never actually met the man or heard him speak, Andrew would say that he was intriguing. Not necessarily intriguing in the intellectual sense, but he was a good looking man and despite Andrew's best efforts, he was an animal like every other human and liked to look. Of course, Andrew was devoted to his Jeremy, but it never hurt to look and Jeremy knew he did; hell, sometimes he saw his Jeremy stare just as hard.

So, when that Saturday rolled around on a warm, humid afternoon, Andrew would be hard pressed to argue that he wasn't staring intently at a single bead of sweat slowly trailing its way down Mike's neck and that he wasn't arching his brow when he noticed it disappear under the collar of his shirt. He licked his dry lips at the sight before turning away to take a sip of his beer, hoping he had at least maintained some of his dignity and not be caught by the other man.

"Why the fuck is it so hot in here?" Mike had asked, sighing when he swiped his brow with the back of his hand and looking like a cat in a tub, all bristle and claws. Andrew laughed at him softly, finding it cute but never admitting to it.

"Jeremy's trying to fix it, relax, turn on the fan" Andrew suggested, leaning over the perspiring young man to slap the on button on the fan, offering both of them a brief moment of respite from the sticky heat. Mike grunted, annoyed with Andrew's proximity which only made him lay atop the other man longer than necessary in the hopes of pissing him off further.

"Get off me, it's too hot for this shit today" Mike grumbled, shoving him off as best he could and before a fight could be started, Andrew complied with a devilish smirk. It was fun to bug him, it was fun to see his dark complexion turn slightly red from the closeness. It fueled a certain school yard behavior in Andrew that he couldn't suppress even if he tried.

He knew Michael liked him and that made pestering him even more entertaining than anything else. Michael, the man so hell bent on breaking Andrew and Jeremy apart, was quite transparent as the months trickled by regarding his new attitude towards Andrew. It was a crush, nothing more and Andrew never went so far as to scratch Mike's itch. He was with Jeremy and happy, but he wouldn't be lying if he said he didn't like the new relationship they had cultivated over time.

Andrew sighed softly, taking another drink of the beer that Mike had brought over since the other man had considered their taste in beer to be shit, but he wasn't complaining. It was free and it was cold, the perfect thing to help battle the humidity of the day.

Looking over at the other man, Andrew took a moment to stare and appreciate the other's features, marveling at the way his soft, brown skin seemed to shine with the heat of the day and the way the temperature made him look kind of dazed, his deep green eyes lidded and long lashes dusted his cheeks every time he took a lazy drink of his beer.

"Stop staring, babe" Jeremy said suddenly from the doorway to the living room before flopping down on the couch between the two, startling them both. He grabbed the TV remote from Mike's hand and changed the channel for them to something he deemed more interesting.

"Did you fix the damn AC or what?" Mike asked, trying to steal the remote back but to no avail.

"I did, so quit your bitching" Jeremy smiled, stealing the beer Andrew had been sipping and claimed it for himself. Each man on opposite side of Jeremy sighed at the bubbly blond and shifted to stare at the TV, waiting patiently for the new movies that Jeremy had promised them. When the first one began it didn't take long for the three men to settle in, their feet kicked up on the table and fixated on the screen in front of them.

Four hours later and eventually overwhelmed with the amount of visual stimulation, the three went their separate ways for the moment, one to visit the washroom, another to check his texts and another to order food before all joining back in the living room to partake in food and more beer. This time, they forewent the movies in favor of just sitting and talking, their food devoured quickly and the three already feeling the telltale buzz of inebriation.

"We got anymore beer?" Andrew asked while shaking an empty bottle at Jeremy as if he'd know just by the gesture. Jeremy smirked and gave a shrug before getting up to go to the kitchen leaving Mike and Andrew to themselves. "So, how's work? Seeing anyone?"

"Work's fine and not seeing anyone at the moment. You? Still molesting patients?" Mike teased, good naturedly or cruel it was hard to tell anymore with him. Andrew offered him a roll of his eyes but wasn't able to respond when Jeremy came back in with a case of drink and a small box with a hastily drawn jack-in-the-box on the top.

"4:20, guys" was all Jeremy said while opening the small box and handed a carefully rolled joint to both men. Andrew frowned briefly at the idea of getting high in the late afternoon, but decided not to be a bitch and instead accepted the lighter Jeremy handed him and lit the end while inhaling deep. He wasn't the best at partaking like his two younger counterparts, but he held his own, hardly choking on the smoke that coiled in his lungs.

"Ugh, what the fuck, Jer? This is really skunky shit" Andrew said, blinking a few times when Jeremy tried to blow smoke rings in his direction. The younger man shrugged and looked at the rolled herbs, like he was trying to ascertain what was actually in it. It was given to him by Curtis, so he figured it was probably strong and laced with something fun.

"I like it, already feeling it" Mike said through a smile, leaning back into the couch with a heavy sigh. The other two followed his lead and after a few hits they were calm, the worries of the week floating away like so many smoke rings on the air conditioned air.

If you asked Andrew Wells if he was an open minded person he would have said of course, which was why he didn't complain or question the sudden press of Jeremy's hand between his legs. In fact, he snorted a laugh and turned his head to look down at Jeremy whom was resting his chin on his shoulder and staring up at him with an impish grin. The snort of laughter, however, changed quickly when Jeremy's hand squeezed a little harder, forcing a small gasp out of Andrew which caught Mike's attention.

As baked as he was, Mike still looked at the two with a grimace as his best friend started fondling his boyfriend with him right there. It wasn't as uncommon as he would have liked to admit since they would do this all the time; get stoned, giggle like idiots and then paw at each other until the need to shove their faces with Cheetos outweighed their need to fuck each other.

It seemed, however, that today was going to be different from the moment Andrew groaned softly at the persistent kneading of Jeremy's hand against his cock and it was rather apparent to Mike that Andrew was already hard and that they were probably out of Cheetos too.

"You know…" Jeremy's voice had broken through the awkward, tense silence over Andrew's shuddering breath and he hummed softly as he started unbuttoning his lover's shirt even with the audience present. Mike expected some nonsensical declaration to follow, but what he heard next made his face flush and eyes widen. "I kind of want to watch you fuck Andrew."

Mike blinked slowly, his drug rattled brain trying to absorb what he had just heard because clearly he had misheard what his friend just said. He dared a look in Andrew's direction, the man seemingly too occupied with his own high and ragged breathing from the unrelenting stimulation of Jeremy's hand to have heard what he said as well.

"You heard me" Jeremy supplied while he finally managed to unbutton Andrew's shirt completely with one hand, while the other continued its slow torture between his lover's thighs. Mike swallowed thickly around the sudden cotton taste in his mouth, knowing full well it wasn't from the weed but rather the exposure of Andrew's toned chest and stomach. He'd never admit it, even when everyone already sort of knew, but Mike had had secret, often unwanted late night fantasies about the other man.

"What the hell, Jeremy? Stop fucking around" Mike frowned, casting his eyes downward while trying to ignore the soft, erotic sounds coming from Andrew to his left and the sudden shift of clothing. Mike tried his best to keep his gaze elsewhere and was doing a good job until the sounds of wet, uncoordinated mouths started to mesh together in drunken bliss. He couldn't help it and looked over, watching his best friend and lover kiss rather heatedly in front of him, as though he wasn't there but at the same time like they were putting a show on for him.

"I'm not fucking around, I'm serious" Jeremy laughed suddenly and rubbed at his red rimmed eyes, before collecting himself as he pulled at Andrew's open shirt a little with no real purpose other than probably being distracted by the buttons. Mike spared a glance to Andrew whom finally turned to look at him, looking strung out and only sort of aware what Jeremy was propositioning and it made Mike frown. Stoned Jeremy was pimping out his own boyfriend to him and it was ridiculous.

Mike frowned hard at the thought and made to get up until a strong, warm hand grabbed his wrist to stop him. He expected Jeremy, but it was Andrew staring up at him, all serious and pupils fully blown that Mike could barely see the gentle brown of his eyes anymore. The sight made his stomach do a strange flop and his breath come out in strained huffs.

"You want to?" Andrew asked, more even and less dazed than Jeremy's request had been and Mike wanted to think he took more time to consider it than he did, but knew he'd just be lying to himself when fell back down next to Andrew and let the older man move in to kiss him.

Mike had never kissed another man before, never really thought about it too much until he had actually met Andrew, but now that he was it was far from unpleasant. He had always assumed that being gay and kissing a guy was a disgusting act, but at that moment his old prejudices shut their faces at the insistent pressing of Andrew's lips to his own. The older man's kiss tasted the opposite of what he was expecting; instead of the taste of the beer and herb they had all ingested he tasted almost sweet, like some warm summer fruit and Mike found himself moaning despite himself into the other's mouth.

To their right, Jeremy simply watched, his eyes focused intensely on them both, his hands having stopped their earlier teasing in favor of watching the scene unfold. Mike could almost laugh at the way Jeremy was staring, like he was watching a documentary for school and focusing hard to make sure no information was neglected.

"Mike, why don't you touch him a little?" Jeremy requested, licking his lips like some pervert at a strip club and despite how debauched the request was, Mike obliged and placed his hands on Andrew's chest so his nails could scrape teasingly at the older man's nipples.

Andrew, seeming to have liked the attention, groaned softly into Mike's mouth before running his hands up into Mike's short, soft black hair to draw him in deeper. In response to Andrew tangling his fingers into his hair, Mike shifted, refusing to break their kiss so he could straddle the other man's lap for easy access. The added weight atop Andrew made him gasp softly as Mike pressed down against the swell of the erection Jeremy had started earlier and he abandoned his hold on Mike's hair to cup his ass instead so he could grind the other down onto him if so needed.

"Fuck..!" Mike hissed when Andrew decided to move his kisses elsewhere and bite at the pulse of his throat and Mike gave Andrew an appreciative rock of his hips against the other man's erection for his efforts.

"Not yet, you two" Jeremy said suddenly from their side, the two having been too engrossed in one another to remember him. Jeremy wasn't bothered by that fact since he was thoroughly enjoying watching his friend and lover taste and feel each other. He took another hit of the joint he had relit, having been smoking the entire time the other two had been experiencing each other. "Upstairs; if you're going to fuck you're not getting stains on the couch."

Jeremy stood up from his seat and maneuvered around the other two on the couch to head for the stairs. Andrew and Mike's eyes followed him as he left and it was Andrew who made the move to gently push Mike off his lap, no easy task when his cock was already leaking and desperate for more friction. Unsure of what to do, Mike stood and waited patiently like a dog for his master as Andrew stood and made to follow after Jeremy, his hand grabbing Mike's as he went. The younger man allowed it, like a puppet as Andrew jerked his strings towards the stairs where they ascended to the master bedroom.

Inside, Jeremy was sitting on the end of the bed waiting for them, the jack-in-the-box container now replaced with a simple white box whose contents made Mike curious. Andrew, having seemed to embrace the marijuana's effects, let go of Mike's hand and pounced on the bed for Jeremy where he wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck. It made Mike feel a little awkward, standing there in Andrew and Jeremy's bedroom, the place where they slept and made love, with the strained, hard press of his dick against his pants.

It was Andrew that turned to Mike, smiled and reached out his hand to accept the other over onto their bed. Mike swallowed hard and approached, reaching his hand out until Andrew linked their fingers together and pulled him in. He landed with a huff against the mattress and his awkward mood lifted as soon as he felt the hungry press of Andrew's mouth on his once again. Mike hummed in appreciation at the slide of Andrew's tongue against his own and delighted in the sudden shift of weight on top of him.

Andrew was solid, that was no secret and Mike shuddered at the firm, strong body on top of his and the warm hand that settled between his legs as Andrew attempted to bring Mike's cock back to full hardness; it didn't take long.

"So…how are you two doing this?" Jeremy asked, leaning down to their level so he could address them both and also watch the two exchange heated kisses. Andrew pulled away, his face flushed and red, looking thoughtful as he removed his glasses, tossing then aside to some obscure place on the bed. Mike simply lied where he was, breathless and tingling all over as Andrew and Jeremy stared at each other and quietly discussed the task at hand. Mike strained to hear, but the sound of his heart beating in his ears made it nearly impossible.

"I'm used to taking it, pretty sure he's never bottomed before, so the decision makes itself" Andrew concluded as he began unzipping the fly of Mike's jeans. There was a quick jerk of the denim and Mike shivered as the now fully air conditioned room tickled at his exposed legs. He looked up when he heard Andrew make a noise of disbelief and Jeremy followed, and from Mike's position all he could see was the upside down face of Jeremy smirking at Andrew.

"You sure about this? Look at that thing" Jeremy laughed and Andrew made an expression of unease which caught Mike's attention, making him feel self-conscious and put out by a joke he clearly wasn't in on. Andrew, noticing the look, smiled down at him and ran a hand through Mike's hair.

"He's talking about your dick, love. I didn't think you were that big" Andrew confirmed for Mike and the man on display felt a little kick of pride at the other two's reaction. "You know what they say about black guys."

"That's racist, babe" Jeremy laughed again and Mike sighed, wondering where this train of thought would end up because he sure as hell didn't want it to end with them sitting around discussing his biracial parents. If ever there was a bigger mood killer.

"Fine, sorry, but it'll be quite an experience for me!" Andrew said, his hands finally getting back on track as he gripped the waistband of Mike's boxer briefs and all but tore them off, while Jeremy helped by pulling Mike's shirt up over his head. Mike, having no clue what he should be doing, stayed still, his pulse increasing as he felt eyes on him and felt his cock stiffen at the idea of being watched.

"You know he's not even all the way hard, right?" Jeremy chimed in again and Andrew nodded as he reached over to Mike's erection and softly took it into his hand and gave an experimental squeeze. The reaction was just what he had been hoping for as Mike arched slightly, his head falling back against the sheets as Andrew worked him slowly into full hardness and he marveled at the complete length and girth of the other man. Who knew such an average looking body had such a hidden weapon down there.

"Fuck, this'll be fun" Andrew sighed wistfully before boldly leaning down to engulf Mike's impressive length down his throat. Mike cried out, his hips lifting off the bed and all but impaling Andrew in the back of the throat, causing the older man to pull off and cough. "Easy, buddy, I don't want to end up in the ER from choking on dick."

Mike laughed at the ridiculousness of the idea and tried to resist the urge to do it again when Andrew went down on him, making sure this time to keep a firm hold on Mike's hips so Andrew could keep control of him. Mike whined when he felt Andrew take him deeper, his head once again falling back as he closed his eyes and relished in the sensation of the other's wet mouth sucking him off with practiced ease.

Distantly, through his pleasured daze, Mike could hear the sound of a belt being pulled through material and turned his head slightly to find Jeremy reaching over to pull Andrew's pants open for him, the material slowly being pulled down to allow Mike a glimpse of the smooth, pale flesh of his hip bones. Mike felt his breath hitch at the sight and licked moisture back into his lips only to make a dejected noise of disapproval as Andrew removed his mouth from around him.

"Just a sec, Mike" Andrew said, sitting back on his legs as he pulled his shirt off and threw it aside and heat coiled in Mike's stomach as he watched Jeremy pull Andrew to him for a kiss, tasting and exploring each other's mouths where Mike had just been previously. With a loud wet smacking sound the two pulled apart and smiled at each other. Again the awkward feeling from before welled up inside Mike when watching these two whom clearly loved each other kiss with a passion hotter than hell. "Do you want to help me out, Jer?"

"Of course" Jeremy replied and once again Mike had no idea what they were going on about, the two seemingly able to read each other's intentions almost like they had planned this. Had they, he wondered briefly, but decided to ignore the question for now and instead watched as Andrew stood up and shed his pants and boxers, leaving him exposed to Mike's hungry eyes. He drank in the sight of the other man, cataloging it away for later in case he never saw him like this again and reached out to run his fingers down the length of Andrew's torso.

Andrew smiled and grabbed his hand, stopping his exploration and Mike found his attention brought elsewhere as Jeremy sat back down onto the bed with them and started rummaging around in the little white box.

"What is that?" Mike asked, still feeling fucked up but not enough to ask. Jeremy smiled and dumped the contents onto the bed and they were far more innocent than Mike had assumed but their intentions still made him blush. Various condoms and bottles of lube littered the bed, the condoms more plentiful than the lube, but Mike figured the two probably didn't wear protection when they fucked anymore. Andrew was a doctor, he probably did blood tests on himself and Jeremy all the time or something, that, or they just didn't give a shit.

Feeling the bed shift with another body, Mike looked back over to Andrew whom laid himself between Mike's legs again and proceeded to give his erection small, barely there licks like a cat lazily drinking from a bowl. The small strokes of Andrew's tongue sent renewed sparks up Mike's spine and he moaned heavily into his chest as he stared down at Andrew as he worked.

"Okay, found it" Jeremy said suddenly and Mile started gently when a square package was tossed onto his chest. Despite his attempts to keep his eyes on Andrew as the other deep throated him, he was still curious of the packet. Turning it over, he read the label and gave a huff of laughter.

"It's the biggest one we have" Jeremy commented before moving around to get behind Andrew whom shifted his legs apart when he felt his lover behind him. Mike was now torn on where to look as Jeremy had also decided to get naked with them, yet it barely had any effect on Mike. They knew each other since they were five and had seen each other naked more times than what was probably acceptable now that he thought about it. However, that wasn't why he was watching, it was the way that Jeremy's hand landed softly on Andrew's ass and the way the other man moaned softly around him when he did.

Mike twisted a bit to see exactly what was going on, but slowly started to figure it out when he saw Jeremy take one of the bottles of lube and squeeze a sizable amount onto his fingers. Andrew's ministrations stopped suddenly the second Jeremy's fingers disappeared from sight and Mike looked down at him in concern when Andrew knitted his brow in slight discomfort.

"Are you okay?" Mike asked, reaching out to run his hands through Andrew's thick, brown locks and the older man smiled at him in reassurance before wincing again.

"Sorry, babe" Jeremy murmured softly behind them and Mike was prepared to tell him to stop when Andrew's breath hitched and a long, drawn out moan broke through the tension. It was captivating and Mike felt his cock twitch at the sound of the other man coming undone by the simple gesture. Mike wanted to kiss him suddenly, to swallow the sounds he was making and he gripped the other man's strong shoulders in the hopes that he could pull him up for a kiss. Andrew resisted at first, obviously torn on keeping Jeremy's fingers where they were or letting Mike kiss him, but Jeremy compromised, allowing Mike to have his way and drag the other man up to his level. When their lips met Mike groaned at the heady taste of himself on Andrew's tongue, an act that would have sent him running for the mouthwash any other time, but now had Mike licking excitedly inside the other's mouth and drawing small noises of pleasure from him.

Andrew paused, breaking their kiss and panting heavily as he stared down at Mike, his eyes burning with lust and a hint of affection for the other man. He was still moaning softly from Jeremy's preparations behind him, but Mike didn't care, he liked hearing him even if it wasn't from his touches. With an unsteady hand, Andrew dragged his fingers through his sweaty hair to move it out of his eyes and leaned down so he could press kisses to Mike's throat. Andrew shivered, the taste of Mike's warm, honey brown flesh under his tongue like nirvana as he peppered the younger man's chest with soft kisses and trapped one of his nipples in his teeth. Mike arched off the bed at the sensation of Andrew's teeth pulling gently and then licking at the abused flesh in a silent apology that was none too apologetic.

"Hey, you're going to make him cum before you guys even get to the fun part" Jeremy chided and Mike released a breathy sigh when Jeremy moved out from behind Andrew and pulled his lover off and flipped him over onto his back. Andrew allowed himself to be moved and chuckled at Jeremy's enthusiasm before beckoning Mike to get up. "You know what you're doing? Even just a little?"

"…Not really" Mike admitted, the sudden realization that this was happening hitting like a ton of bricks. He looked at Jeremy for some kind of guidance and then down at Andrew now that the older man was on his back, his knees spread apart in invitation for Mike to park himself right there and never leave.

"It's easy, no different than anal with a girl, assuming you've done that" Jeremy explained, picking up the discarded condom from earlier and pressing it into his palm. Mike swallowed a nervous lump, his deep green eyes looking wild at the prospect of doing this to his best friend's lover. At what point in the fucking evening did this get so weird, he wondered?

Mike stiffened suddenly when he felt Jeremy behind him, his hands on his shoulders in a comforting gesture. Looking back, Mike felt some ease at Jeremy's warm smile and accepted the kiss that Jeremy placed against his lips. If he had a brother to kiss, he assumed that it would feel the same way as their kiss. It wasn't unpleasant by any means; it just didn't feel like anything, not like when he kissed Andrew.

"Don't keep us waiting" Jeremy whispered into his ear and Mike nodded dumbly, on auto pilot driven by the deliciously horrible throbbing between his legs. Without any further prodding, Mike tore open the large condom package and began rolling it over his straining prick, hoping to god he didn't just blow it right then and there. He heard the soft intake of air from Jeremy behind him and stared down at Andrew with lidded eyes as he finally rolled the latex over himself completely. To his left, Jeremy simply flopped down on the mattress next to Andrew and rested his chin against his hand as they both waited on Mike. He was nervous as hell and having never done this sort of thing with any gender, he hesitated until he felt the gentle nudge of Andrew's foot against his leg.

"You're doing fine, Michael, come here" Andrew said with open arms and Mike accepted, slotting himself in placed between the other's legs. It felt oddly right, even when a year ago Mike would never have put himself in this position, high or otherwise. He marveled and shook with trepidation at the smooth feel of Andrew's thighs on either side of him and basked in the heat of Andrew's erection pressing against him.

"This is alright?" Mike asked, unsure of himself as he looked to Jeremy like he needed permission to be this close to his lover.

"I'm not complaining, so go ahead" Jeremy coaxed, encouraging his best friend to do what he wanted with Andrew. It was true; he had heard no complaints yet other than how long it was taking him to get on with it. With nervous, shaking hands he pulled Andrew closer for a better angle and it was Jeremy that helped a little by taking a pillow and sliding it under Andrew's ass for some leverage. The whole situation was insane and if he hadn't already been so deep into this and nervous he probably would have laughed his ass off.

Instead, he groaned softly as he gripped his already aching cock and spread a generous amount of the lube onto it since from what he gathered this could be uncomfortable for Andrew. Timidly, he spread Andrew's legs apart a little wider, hoping that it would ease any sting of discomfort for the other man and gripping himself firmer he began to press the head of his erection into Andrew.

"Oh, s-shit…!" Andrew swore through clenched teeth, his eyes screwed shut as he shifted to accept more of Mike into him and the other man stopped, not sure if this reaction was a good thing or not. Panting hard, Mike felt his head swimming at the tight heat surrounding him, understanding now why Jeremy liked this so much as Andrew's body clenched around him, drawing him in even when all instincts suggested he shouldn't.

Mike stilled while every other thought in his lust muddled brain told him to just thrust forward, Andrew's comfort be damned, but he took a few shaky breaths and tried to control himself. Through his haze he looked at Andrew, saw the way his fingers gripped one side of the sheets while the other gripped Jeremy's hand in a bruising hold. He felt ashamed, that he was hurting Andrew until he felt the other man's leg shift and lock around his hips to help guide him in further.

"Well, don't be shy, get in there" Jeremy encouraged while he reached over to Andrew's neglected cock to stroke it back to life. The motion seemed to help and Mike felt some of the tensing around his dick lessen, but even still Andrew was so fucking tight around him and Mike moaned in appreciation as he took Jeremy's advice and pushed in further, only stopping long enough when he figured Andrew needed a moment to adjust. "Yeah, that's it, that's better."

Mike looked over at Jeremy when he said that, feeling both aroused and a little terrified at just how causal this all seemed, like it was normal to fuck another person's lover with them watching. Beneath him Andrew moaned softly when Mike pulled back and thrust in, this time the transition much smoother as Andrew began to relax a little more with each shove of his cock. Mike focused on Andrew's eyes, not able to look elsewhere as he began a steady, yet slow, rhythm into the other's body, his ears greedily lapping up the sounds of Andrew's labored moans and the slick, wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of him.

"Fuck him harder, Mike" Jeremy demanded, staring intently at the two, his eyes hard as sapphires and his face flushed as he watched his friend fuck his partner into the mattress. Mike obeyed, gripping Andrew's hips to pull him closer, spreading him open to push deeper to fuck him without abandon. The new position was greatly accepted as Andrew threw his head back in a silent scream, all words and sounds leaving him at the relentless pounding of Mike's thick, fat prick against his prostate. For a man that had never done this before, Mike seemed to have a pretty good idea of how to make Andrew scream.

Jeremy, meanwhile, smiled at the spectacle and leaned over to capture his lover's lips in kiss that was hardly anything more than Andrew gasping into his mouth as Mike continued to obey Jeremy's earlier orders. Although he would later blame it on the weed and alcohol, Mike found himself growling at the sight in front of him and shoved Jeremy back violently to claim Andrew's lips for himself. It was a knee jerk reaction, one that Mike didn't regret at all as he kissed Andrew hungrily, the kiss lacking any sort of finesse and just a wild mashing of teeth and tongue. Still, it seemed to please Jeremy greatly as he watched, his eyes alight with an almost maniacal glint, like he had wanted or expected this reaction out of Mike.

He didn't care anymore; he covered Andrew with his body, leaned down enough to run his teeth across the other man's jugular and nipped at his creamy skin any chance he got. At this close proximity he could hear every shallow breath and keening whine as Mike fucked into him and shuddered when he heard his name moaned periodically in between. There was nothing else in the room to Mike at that point, not Jeremy, not anything other than Andrew and the feel of his body wrapped around him like barbed wire. Mike grunted in approval when he felt Andrew's hands snake downwards to grip his ass to pull him in deeper and Mike trembled when Andrew grabbed his earlobe with his teeth and pulled, worrying the flesh and making Mike practically melt against him.

"Harder!" Andrew demanded now, one hand keeping still on Mike's ass while the other trailed up, clawing as it went and Mike bit back a pained groan as Andrew's blunt nails marked him. They were close, that much Mike knew and he wanted to sob at it being over so quickly, but gave Andrew what he wanted, thrusting into him until he was certain that Andrew's whole ass end would be bruised before morning. Mike continued violently per the instructions he was given, but knew that based on the noises coming from Andrew it was anything but an assault. The other man practically howled his approval at the speed and force which Mike used and he wondered briefly if the bed would hold up under the onslaught.

There was a sudden, loud cry from Andrew and Mike winced again when the older man's fingers dug painfully into his skin before he felt moisture between them and shifted enough to look down, seeing the puddle of Andrew's release against his stomach. Andrew gave a slight jerk, his body coming down from its high as he turned almost boneless in Mike's arms and moaned like a whore as he rode out his orgasm.

Mike cursed, having wanted it to last a while longer but felt his own pleasure coming to a close, his movements becoming sloppier as he felt Andrew clamp down around him as if trying to greedily milk him of his pleasure. After a few more powerful thrusts, Mike cried out, feeling himself filling the condom and cursing the damn thing, having wanted to coat the inside of Andrew with his release instead. With a few last shuddering thrusts he collapsed on top of the other man, hearing a grunt of surprise and sigh from the other.

They stayed that way for a few minutes, both of them trying to suck in as much oxygen as possible as they floated down from their drug riddled orgasm and both of them shook with pleasure, their skin feeling like it was being crawled over by millions of little electric bugs. Andrew was the first to collect himself and he moved his hands so he could tangle his fingers in Mike's hair to kiss him softly, all the incessant hunger from before finally subsiding, leaving them both feeling lazy and thoroughly fucked.

It was then that they heard someone shift near them and Mike remembered finally that Jeremy was still in the room. Turning his face away from Andrew's insatiable mouth, his gaze focused on his best friend sitting there with his iPhone out, having recorded the whole damn thing by the looks of it. Mike simply frowned, not as bothered by this as he thought and he glanced down, seeing that Jeremy was aroused and erect.

"Jer, you want me to take care of that?" Andrew offered, turning his head as well to regard his lover. Jeremy smiled and put his phone away before coming over to them. Mike expected Andrew to reach out and finish him with his hand or suck him off, but instead Jeremy stared at Mike, waiting for something.

"What?" Mike asked, confused, the penetrating gaze of Jeremy actually making him hard again.

"Off, please" Jeremy said, gesturing to Andrew and the tangle of limbs that was their coupling. Mike let the order tumble around in his head for a moment before giving a small nod, figuring he had probably overstayed his welcome inside the other. He watched Andrew carefully as he pulled his softening cock out of him, watching as a flash of disappointment crossed his face and Mike sighed as he fell down on the bed beside the brunet.

Mike wasn't sure what he was expecting from Jeremy, but was surprised when he leaned over him to grab the discarded lube container to slick himself up. Mike watched in bewilderment as Jeremy stroked himself a few times before lining his dick with Andrew's already pounded opening and pushed forward smoothly without restriction. Jeremy sighed in contentment and Andrew simply closed his eyes as he felt his beloved fuck him softly.

"You stretched the hell out of him, Mike" Jeremy laughed softly and Mike looked over, seeing Andrew smirk at the comment. Mike simply blinked at that and instead focused his attention to Andrew, watching as Jeremy's smooth thrusts caused his lips to part in small, pleasing sighs unlike the earlier screams and grunts of animalist pleasure between them. It was an interesting sight, one that he couldn't turn away from as he watched Jeremy make love to Andrew. There was tenderness there that hadn't been between Mike and Andrew, an unspoken bond as Andrew took his lover in with moans that sounded so different than the ones from before. They hadn't been faked, he knew that, but Mike also knew that what they had done was sex; hard, punishing sex, and not the gentle love he was witness to now.

He wasn't jealous, he didn't have the right to be, and instead Mike reached down and pulled the used condom from his penis and tied if off before tossing it at the foot of the bed. He shifted to lie on his side and watched the two, seeing Andrew grow hard already from the stimulation of Jeremy thrusting into him slowly, deliberately, how he knew Andrew liked. It was deep and hard, Jeremy's hips moving to plunge into the depths of Andrew's body with skill and precision cultivated over months of their union. Mike felt himself grow hard again at the subtle way Andrew arched slightly each time Jeremy fucked into him and he felt no shame as he gripped himself again and stroked his cock in time with Jeremy's shallow thrusts.

"Jeremy…" Andrew moaned, his head lolling to the side a bit as he eagerly received his lover's thrusts and his hands moved up to gently pull Jeremy down on top of him, to kiss and to taste each other's names in passing breaths. Mike observed, seeing as Jeremy quickened his pace a little and the two caressed each other's skin, their fingertips drinking in and savoring every inch of flesh they could.

Mike continued jerking himself softly to the spectacle in front of him, watching the wave like motions of Jeremy's hips and how Andrew would thrust downward himself to meet his lover's cock. He tipped his head back and closed his eyes, choosing to just listen to them for a moment as his fingers gripped around himself tighter and only when he started hearing their breathing pick up did he crack his eyes open and look back over. The two of them must have been close as Mike watched the stuttering of Jeremy's once smooth thrusts turn jagged and Mike stared as Jeremy reached down and started to quickly fist Andrew's erection to completion.

With a heavy groan, Mike watched as Jeremy gave Andrew a few final thrusts and came with a wrecked moan, his body stilling as he spilled himself into his partner. Andrew reciprocated a similar sound as Jeremy brought him to orgasm, his body seizing as he came across his own stomach and chest which Jeremy leaned down to ravenously lap up with a purr. Mike was the last one to finish, coming quietly to himself as the other two lied together, Andrew's arms wrapped tightly around Jeremy's shoulders, his nose buried in his lover's blond hair and eyes closed in bliss.

The three of them stayed that way for what felt like hours until Andrew cleared his throat and gently pushed Jeremy away, his legs having fallen asleep and his back feeling like he was kicked by a mule. Jeremy pulled out of him and shifted so he could let Andrew stretch out, but not enough that he couldn't rest his head on his chest.

"So…" Mike began, looking over to the other two, a veil of faint awkwardness falling over the room that dispelled as quickly as it came when Jeremy snorted and began laughing, his arms encircling Andrew as he came down with a bad case of the giggles. Andrew let him go on, being shook about as Jeremy laughed uproariously. After a few minutes he calmed and sighed, wiping his eyes before looking over at Mike with a smirk.

"Well, that was certainly a fun experience" Jeremy said, his words slightly muffled against Andrew's chest, so he moved a bit so he could look at Mike better. "Curtis told me that shit was strong, I'll have to thank him for it."

Mike nodded dumbly, his eyes comically wide at the idea that a little skunky weed could fuel such strong desire in him. He sighed, sitting up and regarded the two again.

"Hey? Mike? You want to hang out tomorrow too?" Jeremy asked, smirking devilishly as he bit his bottom lip, his fingers drawing lazy circles across Andrew's skin. Mike nodded again, his face blistering hot about the idea and he looked to Andrew whom just stared at the ceiling.

If you asked Andrew Wells if he was open minded person he would say fuck yeah he was. After all, it wasn't every day he engaged in a threesome with his partner and his best friend or got so fucking high that he'd consider it again without hesitation.

"Alright, but tomorrow, I get to watch" Andrew exclaimed, smirking as wolfishly as his lover to Mike, knowing that the three of them would be making this at a weekly thing. Mike smiled, he couldn't wait for tomorrow.

"Uh, hey, Andrew, we got any Cheetos?"

They sure did.

I have no shame for what I just wrote! I write the damn story of Private Practice and still ship the hell out of Andrew x Mike because I'm a weird chick and I like weird things. That's it, it's official, this is CANON!

No it's not, just kidding lol


I don't know, but you're always welcome to think about that :D Also I am in process of finishing the most recent chapter of Private Practice, I just needed to get this out of my system apparently :D Hope you had a fun read, I know I enjoyed writing it! Teehee!