the chemistry, the physics, the code

Perhaps this physical world is the equation to the Perpetual Machine?
i've begun to think of myself as a subroutine, nested in a subroutine, nested to infinity…

an object orientated to act on the other objects
in my near vicinity –if then else—the code is deceptively simple-
negative positive pulses—like water is to wave is to tsunami-
the magnitude is gross

all problems-mine, yours, what we know of the world, and what we don't-
is generating
into a potential that pours into my body

like battery
or does it squeeze like barometric pressure?

Don't judge me for the crazy way I dance
or that he sets my kinetics off

or that i'm wrapping up in science what amounts to purple prose-

you've got to know- everyone has their own safeties flipped
to what amounts to an atomic switch.