Labors of Love

Task One

The American Cougar

Part Three

Cecil knocked smartly three times on the front door, a tired but happy grin set on his face. Nikki leaned against him. They had made a quick pit stop at the local pharmacy to pick up some antiseptic and bandages for Cecil's cut up arms.

The door opened, and Sheriff Johnathan Nations stood in the doorway, arms crossed across his chest, t-shirt threatening to rip at any moment. There was a look of surprised contempt on his face. "So, Cecil, I see you managed to get what I wanted. Well done, I guess." He pulled Nikki away from him. "Now, get off of my property before I have you filed for trespassing charges." Johnathan took the clothes from Cecil and slammed the door.

Nikki blew Cecil a kiss just as the door shut. Cecil blew one back, grinning as he trotted off down the steps and drove off in his Jeep.


Pierre watched the Pine Hills Fire Department put out the rest of the blazing Laughing Panther Club and pulled the moaning wounded from the wreckage. His whole body covered in black ash and soot. He coughed, wiping his nose as he slunk off into the surrounding woodlands.