Once upon a time there was a little girl named Anya. She lived in Latvia, near the woods. Her home had a large fence surrounding it so it would keep out all the evil of the world. One day she decided to peak out the gate because she was curious about the world around her. What she saw was wonderful, large trees and green grass, and the best was a swing hanging from a tree branch.

Anya ran to the swing forgetting to close the gate behind her. She played there and swung from the tree branches and the swing.

All was not well though in the forest for it was full of evil: bandits, thieves, psychopaths, and kidnappers. And while it was all happy in Anya's world, it would soon come crashing down. Coming her way was one of these evils: a kidnapper.

She may look old and frail, but that couldn't be more wrong. She was strong and in her prime. She was the famous kidnapper Babushka, she dyed her hair grey and wore baggy clothes so she looked thinner than she was.

She has had luck all ready she had found a child.

Neither her or Anya could know that she was heading her direction.

Anya was slowly swinging on her swing drinking in the peaceful sight around her. The peace was shattered when she heard a blood curdling scream coming from behind her. She hid behind a tree and watched as an old lady dragged a crying boy by his arm. She tried to run but the old lady saw her. "Come here little girl, and I'll give you candy. If you don't I'll hit you" She threatened. Anya turned around and ran. The lady let out a scream and took after her.

The forest that had seemed so friendly before turned against her branches hit her face and grabbed her skirt. Roots tripped her feet stubbed her toes. She saw the fence surrounding her home, with the gate still open, there was a face peeking out; it was her twin Liza. Liza was waiving telling her to run. She opened the gate more for Anya. Anya ran she was 5 feet away from the gate and the old lady was closing in. With one last spurt of speed she ran through.

Liza was trying to close the gate, but with little success. Anya ran over and helped her. They locked the gate and heard the lady screaming on the other side. Their big guard dog was growling at the closed door to the fence. Oh no the gate was opening.

It really was her lucky day, she had one little boy and two girls in her clutches. If only they girls would let themselves be captured. If she kept banging her body against the gate it would soon open.

Their dog was standing in front of the gate holding it shut, making sure that the lady wouldn't come through. Liza and Anya were pushing a large box in front of the door, they were struggling with it but they were making progress inch by inch. They were almost there. They set the box in place and took large steps back. After a while their dog stopped growling and walked away. The danger had passed.

Now to all the curious little children out there, be smart or you will end up like the little boy of the story: afraid and lost.

Does no one care what happens to me? "Someone HELP ME HELP ME!"


This was a project to my Language Arts class. We had to rewrite a story based on our past, in the group I was in I was chosen to write a story based on one of the group members past. It is dramatize but most of the events really did happen. There was a little boy getting dragged by an old lady (although she probably wasn't a famous kidnapper), they really did have a dog, they are twins in real life, and there was a fence surrounding their house.