We have a habit of going round and round

I always go up when you're coming down,

Every time I walk away

A little piece of me always chooses to stay.

I don't know what it is

Lord knows you are one screwed up kid.

I should just say good bye

I shouldn't stay up and lose sleep

Wondering if you're wondering about me tonight.

I'm too old for this game

But every time we circle back

We both swear we have changed.

Do you even realize

the full price

of every word that you say?

You dismiss me with a simple,

Thanks babe.

Like i'm some cheap piece of trash

Like you just see me like some easy ass.

Maybe you do-

Hell, maybe it's true.

But do you ever stop late at night

and think to yourself that it's me

who can't stand to think that you cry.

To think you're in pain

For you to think you're alone

With nothing left to gain.

I write stupid wordy crap

I think we at this point,

we all realize that.

But this is me

shooting strait-

For once, taking down all

my guards and gates.

I've let you in

And you've shut me out.

I've cursed your name

And you've helped me overcome doubt.

Round and round

We still go

Though we swear this ride is over

This is the caraselle we chose

where it stops, we still don't know.

This jaded past

left me with regrets and

a few laughs-

Haunted by our memories

I reached out

And you came back to me.

At first it's always sweet-

You're fun and flirty.

The it turns to heat

and full of longing.

Then the distance grows

That's how I know

Soon hateful words will

be flying

I'll curse you and see red

You'll tell me to drop dead

In an instant we forgot

all the smiles and tenderness that

we brought.

It's all heat and all rage

A longing for a new page.

We'll say things we don't mean,

Your words cut deep,

mine barely sting.

But we won't say goodbye-

And neither of us will cry

Because in the end

We both know

it'll all happen again.