I seem insane when talking

yet somehow I am much better at using words when

my fingers brush a keyboard

or I guide a pencil into

a gentle script.

My lips are far too primitive of a machine

to express the thoughts

the dreams that clutter my head.

With a pen in my hand

I never stutter or tumble over

my own voice box.

The clicking of keys

never ends in an "um".

A letter or an email

still, is quite a task:

To communicate with another is a difficult thing.

A story, however

the written word

poetry in prose

comes as easily to me

as breath.

A stream of narrative

flowing from my fingertips

is one of the most enjoyable


to me.

Oh, kindred stranger

do not assume

that just because I am unable to express

my deepest thoughts

through spoken word

with eloquence and grace

that I cannot

if given a pencil

and paper

and time

create something beautiful

with the wondrous place

that is my imagination.