This poem basically sums up what I've been feeling these last few days.


Inside me is a hurricane, the storm that no one can see

Lightning streaks across the sky, but no thunder sound

Follows in its path, I want to scream. I will remain here

My fear becomes a big grey cloud, rain hits the ground

The torrential downpour of all anxiety driven thoughts

But I'll say nothing; I'll do nothing. All alone, I remain

With only my doubts for company, I feel so lost inside

Protesting the frustration, an injustice haunts my brain

I'm a ship in a bottle, glass that contains my hurricane

Where lighting streaks the sky but still, no thunder here

Rain hits the reflective wall and there is no place to go.

My heart is that brave little schooner, trembling in fear

Tossed about, while waves drag me to an endless deep

Inside me is a hurricane but on the outside, I will sleep.