Chapter 15

Troy, Matilda and Luke are all firing to keep the terrorist away throughout the maze of abandoned vehicles, but they manage to get close enough to flank Richard and hit him in the knee. Once hit, he fell onto his wounded knee and came out of cover, giving them plain sight of him. He tried to move to the nearest vehicle on his left but when moving was shot from behind, close-quarters all the way up his spine where he then fell dead.

After trying ever since he got back into the vehicle Lance manages to wake Naomi, after he had gotten her down from her seat and dragged her outside of the vehicle to one by the side. He had also retrieved his and her rifle and emptied her pockets of sidearm ammo for himself, the only thing remaining in the vehicle that still needed retrieving was the prisoner, who seemed to be as unconscious as Naomi was.

She grabs hold of her rifle and wraps Lance's around her as well, carrying twice the amount of ammo and firepower as anyone else now that Anders couldn't use his rifle. He informed her that they had gotten pretty close since he hadn't been holding him back and as soon as he did so, three terrorists came around the vehicle they were using as cover to retrieve their leader, completely unaware they were still there.

She cleared them all and quickly started firing at the more that were tailing those, killing several before they were able to get back into cover.

Jason was drawing his last breaths as Sara kept trying over and over again to plug up his wound but there was no use, she was only working herself up even more with each gauss she used to try and get rid of the blood.

"Sara… There's no use… J-Just stop…"

"No!" She screamed, not being audible to any of the other teammates over the gun fire. "I won't let you die, you're all I have now!"

He chuckled a little, encouraging more blood to come out of his mouth. "Y'know, over these past few d-days, I really thought we we-were staring to get to k-k-know each other…"

"Don't say it Jason, please!" She continued to scream, throwing away the last gauss out of both hers and his medi-pack. "Save it for later, you can tell me everything once we're out of here, but right now I need you to save your breath!"

He chuckled again, causing the same effect as last time. "I know you said it was b-best for Kyle to not find out after Cat's d-," he coughed, "death or from you but… this is from m-m-me to y-you… the things we screw up when we don't ac-t on them in time…"

Sara tried wiping her eyes but only ended up getting blood all over face and some in her eye, which she quickly tried to get out afterwards with her uniform but didn't manage to get it all, leaving it for now.

"S-shu-… please," She continued to cry.

"I lo-," he coughed uncontrollably for a few seconds, releasing plenty of blood from his system, "I love you Sa-r-ra. I'm s-s-s-o stu-pi…"

Then before he could wrap up his confession, he drifted off into the light that in his eyes was glowing around the angel that was presented before him. He didn't want to leave so badly but he had no choice, just as those before him, he his time was up, ended prematurely. Hopefully he'd see them up there…

With his blood soaking her hands down to her elbows and staining her face, she held his head close to hers, putting her arms around him as she cried uncontrollably, now feeling the exact same feeling that those had before, only that she 'cursed' to stay around longer to experience it.

She had never been loved before…

After being pinned down at his position with Naomi and the prisoner now beside him, he looked around and saw a large delivery truck stuck amongst all the other abandoned vehicles. With a truck that big he knew he'd be able to fit everyone in the back, everyone who was remaining, and bulldoze their way past the other vehicles and to that prison.

He quickly pulled Naomi back and devised a plan for him to go get the truck while she remains where she is, watching the prisoner and holding them back, while he gets the truck and honks the horn for everyone to get in then they'll escape. He also instructed her to throw a grenade when the time was right.


After she agrees, without expressing how difficult she thought his task was, she immediately turned to continue keeping the terrorists away from them, while Lance kept low and started running from car to car.

The rest of the team noticed him moving around but were completely oblivious to what he was planning on doing, regardless they made it their top priority to protect him, as they always had. After keeping their enemy supressed, and even moving a row further to their foes, Lance had managed to get to the truck without being noticed by a single one.

He checked the truck and as he expected the keys were still in the ignition, and the engine was still running. He honked the horn, signalling not only all of his team to get into the vehicle but for Naomi to do her part where she would throw an explosive to clear both the enemy and making an easier path for them escape.

As she equips the grenade in her hand and goes to pull the pin, the prisoner jumps up after gaining consciousness and attacks her, tackling her down to the ground but luckily doing so before she pulled the pin.

His hands are still bound, and despite being placed behind his back he was able to loop his legs through his arms while she was distracted so they were now in front of him, giving him more of a fighting chance.

While she keeps a tight grip on the explosive, the prisoner continuously pounds his bounded fists into her face while she tries to block him with her wrists, but being pinned on her back and having a stronger opponent over her gave her quiet the disadvantage.

Just as she tries to fight back, using her hand griping the grenade to hit him in his head, he gets between her arms and pushes his hands against the ground around her neck, beginning to strangle her with the chain that kept his handcuffs together. She tries to fight her way out of the struggle but he puts his full force into his palms, closing her windpipe and preventing any air to flow through her body, which also began to weaken her defences.

Since she was taking so long to throw the explosive, the terrorists noticed Lance sitting in the truck and started firing at him, so he quickly jumps back out and hides behind the car right beside it, leaving the door open so he could get back in quickly.

The soldiers gradually move closer to Lance's position so they could escape but at this rate they weren't going anywhere, they couldn't go anywhere without the prisoner and he wasn't leaving a single living soldier behind.

After her struggle continued for a little while, she managed to knee him in his crotch, lifting his focused weight off her throat, where she punched him in the face and successfully threw the activated explosive over the car and at the enemies.

Multiple cars exploded in response to the grenades detonation, clearing a path for the truck to go through and killing some of the terrorists in result. Lance uses the radio to call all the soldiers back whilst shouting to them physically as well just in case they couldn't hear him over it, then he gets in the front of the truck again and gets ready to leave.

While everyone piles into the back, Troy tries to find Naomi and the prisoner an elevated position where he then sees the two fighting and runs to assist. Before he arrives, Naomi manages to dominate the prisoner and flip the tables, then before attempting to take him to the truck she intended on knocking him unconscious again but before she could some of the terrorist ran over and she was executed at close range.

As the prisoner pushed her body off of him, he was helped up and they were about to leave when Troy equipped his sidearm and rapidly fired at those trying to free him. As soon as they were down and the prisoner was on the run, Troy dived over the car and managed to tackle the prisoner, landing directly in front of two other terrorists that he had to quickly take down with his sidearm.

The second they were down he looked down at the prisoner and hit him in his temple with the handle of his gun, keeping him conscious but dazing his vision and minimising his ability to resist.

He threw the prisoner over his shoulder and ran back to the truck, using him as leverage for the terrorist to not shoot at him, then as soon as he made it to the truck he threw the prisoner into the passenger seat and launched another grenade at the enemy.

Straight after he got into the passenger seat as well and told Lance to wait for the explosion, then as soon as it detonated he stepped on it. They sped through the wreckage, bashing the sides of cars and completely removing the destroyed ones from the road, as well as some of the terrorists, then they were able to get onto the walking path beside the road in across from them to avoid the traffic.

Before they knew it they were out of there and finally they could see police responders driving past them to where all the action had just happened as they went in the opposite direction, cursing them as they were arriving when everything had already ended.

After passing through a couple of streets the roads became clearer and after bashing through a police barricade they were back onto normal roads with normal drivers again. He wasn't wasting any time getting out of the city, passing vehicles by driving on the wrong sides of the road, overtaking unnecessarily and even using the path again when it was available. It was time to get this mission over with.

Next time, they're going by plane.