Chapter 16

Lance was more furious than upset with the amount of blood that had been spilled in the name of this prisoner, this 'leader', who had already killed hundreds upon thousands before their mission had begun. Terrorism. Executions. Every single person that was killed by means of ending this war, on both sides as well as those innocent, were all on his account.

Lance couldn't even bare the sight of the prisoner and had him thrown into the back through the accessible door from the front of the truck. Out of pure rage he commanded Troy to go and immobilise him so he won't be going anywhere any time soon and without any sort of objection or second thought, Troy accepted the order.

He stood up, cocked his pistol and went into the back where he had Luke and Matilda hold him up and once he was on his feet, he shot him in his right knee, causing him to drop straight to the ground once the soldiers let go of him. He breathed heavily to mask the pain but it was obvious to everyone that the pain was unbearable.

His blood trickled along the floor of the truck to the back where it started leaking through the cracks and flying onto the road, most likely terrifying whoever was driving behind as it may land on their windscreen. Troy then returned to the passenger seat and put away his weapon.

"They set that trap up for us because they knew that was the last city before the prison and they wouldn't be able to set anything up once we're out here," Troy explained to Lance, who was only driving with the one arm. "Once we're off this motorway and on that road we can unload this dead weight and the mission is fucking done."

"Sing it from the rooftops."

Not a single encounter on the motorway and soon after they were onto the single lane road that lead to the prison. The prison had been warned days in advance that when they arrive that there'd most likely be enemies following them, so they were expecting a lot of prison officers, police and even military waiting outside of the prison. Hopefully they won't shoot on sight, since they were no longer in a vehicle anything like those they described to be arriving in.

As they got closer to the prison he felt so relieved, like he had just returned home to see a nice roast dinner laid out on his parents dining room table, cooked just right for him to sit and gobble the lot. With that on his mind, he really thought about that resignation he began considering last night, maybe it was time to quit the force. 'Be found in the war' and return home where he can see his parents for the first time in ten years.

Maybe then he could actually spend a Christmas with his full family rather than this broken and shattered one, though he knew that the hardest thing would be breaking it to them. After all the bullshit they had to endure during this mission, no every year they had been on the force, they always did it together and whenever new members were introduced after those familiar faces were gone they treated each other like a family. Like the ones they all left behind for a life of secrecy, for a life of killing, a life of saving the world without ever gaining credit from those outside the barracks. This mission made Lance, and probably some more on the truck, that this isn't the life to keep living. It was time to go home…

That would be nice…

As soon as they entered the prison car park the first thing that they all noticed was that there was a considerably large shortage of resistance. No SWAT vans, no troop carriers, no police cars. All that could be seen were a few guards in uniform waiting at the entrance to the prison, heavily armed and waiting.

"I don't like this…"

"It's fine," Lance tried to reassure Troy, as well as the rest of the team as they had opened the door to see through. "We're a day or two ahead of schedule, they probably weren't expecting us to come so early."

All together they leave the truck and raised his hand to let them know that they were friendlies, then the prisoner was dragged out of the truck and across the entire space between the truck and the entrance to his 'new home'.

The entire way awkward and tension building glances were exchanged between the prison guards and the team battered team, and they continued as they were even when they arrived just feet away. The prisoner was thrown down onto his knees and kept on them by Luke and Matilda, while Sara and Troy stayed at the back and Lance was at the very front.

"State your cargo," the guard commanded.

"Prisoner 492880, transported from Lazeract Prison."

Without giving an answer the guard he was conversing with checked the papers at the kiosk he was standing at, remaining completely silent until the other three guards all drew their weapons and open fired.

Just as most of them had expected, there was something not quite right about the whole situation. The guards had been stripped of their uniforms and replaced with terrorist apart of the organisation, and as soon as they had the team off guard they took the opportunity.

Lance, Sara, Matilda and Luke are all shot where they stand before any could draw their weapons and fell down to the ground, leaving only Troy who managed to hide behind the nearest car to his right, hoping that none of them noticed him slip away.

Both Sara and Matilda were killed by the initial gunshots. Lance turns himself over and starts dragging himself along the ground to try and get away, leaving a blood trail to mark where he had been as if a snail.

While he's crawling away the disguised terrorists leave their positions and walk amongst the bodies, realising that Luke was still alive and was rolling around in pain when he was executed at point blank, silencing his cries.

Lance fastened the rate of what he was crawling at as he knew they were coming for him next but as he comes in line with Troy's hiding position, Troy pops up from his hiding spot and tries to catch them off guard.

Before he could fire a single round he was shot in his chest by a magnum, then as he dropped his weapon and covered his wound with his hands he was shot in the head with the same weapon, splattering blood all over the truck behind him.

The magnum belonged to Ajax, Prisoner 80's right-hand man. Right after Lance saw the last of his team be killed and he had identified who was there, he continued to try and crawl to the truck with little hope of ever making it there, then before he started to turn to get to the truck the prisoner stood on his back.

He pinned him to the ground, pressing down as hard as his unwounded leg would let him while Ajax held him up for support, as he pressed harder, Lance could feel the gun wound that had passed right through his stomach open up and release more blood.

"You really thought that you could put me away?" The prisoner started talking down to him, pressing harder with each sentence he completed. "No guards, no team and no cell will ever hold me, I have the leeches of the Earth on my back and they're never going to let me be imprisoned. If it makes you feel any better, even if you had got me in there I would've just escaped and sent my men back after you, so this was your inevitable fate. At least you got to die with your friends, rather than dying on your own at a bar or back at 'your place'. If anything, you should be thanking me!"

Josh, Scott, Edison, Amber, Catherine, Jericho, Terry, Kyle, Ebony, Leo, Arthur, Chase, Martin, Richard, Jason, Naomi, Sara, Matilda, Luke, Troy… All of these people, my family, died just to put this man away so we could have even that bit of a push towards ending this unnecessary war. Does it make any of us bad people for all those WE have killed? No… We did it in the name of Earth, not for some grudge of a persuasive speaker. This is for sure how my life is going to end, so I might as well take this bastard down to Hell with me… Goodbye Mum, Dad…

Using his only responsive arm, of which was already being pressed beneath his chest, he grabbed his pistol from the holster on his left breast and he forced himself to roll over, using all of his remaining strength and courage with one intention, to kill one man.

Once he had turned over and his arm was extended, pistol in hand, he really thought that he was going to do it, pull the trigger and it'd all be over, but alas he was outdrawn. Ajax, having already holding his weapon, pulled the trigger just too fast and sent another .44 calibre bullet into his stomach, making him fail to pull the trigger in time and with the little strength left not even be able to pull it back.

The pistol fell out of his hand as it too fell to the ground, the bullet never left its chamber and his attempt to take kill Prisoner 492880 had failed. With more blood escaping his stomach, the prisoner was informed that they would have to leave immediately as the prison alarms began ringing and was on high alert.

With Lance's final breaths, he watches as his target, the sole reason this op had ever begun, get into an escape vehicle and flee off road where he was now free, free to do what he had done before going to prison. Raging war.

I've failed… how can this be? It took all of us to get this far and would've taken more to successfully get him locked up. I can feel my heart slowing down but I can hear the beating louder than ever in my ears, and I can't move at all… My vision is fading and I-… I've stopped breathing… why did it have to end t-t-this way?...

With the vehicle gone, tens of police and SWAT vans arrive in the car park as well as those that were inside of the prison. While some of the trucks and cars drive off after the tracks left in the dirt where the prisoner escaped, police try to tend to all of the soldiers on the ground but they're all dead, it's too late.

Even Lance is long gone by the time that they got to him.

"Make a report, Lt Lance and his team are K.I.A. and the prisoner has escaped. I repeat, Lt Lance and his team are K.I.A. and the prisoner has escaped. The transaction was a fail…"

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