Chapter 2

As the road towards the prison grew shorter and the building became visible the damage it had sustained was easily noticed from a distance before the depth detail could be judged. Sections of the building had been completely demolished and had crumbled to the ground, leaving thick black smoke leading from where obvious fires had been distinguished. Blood splatters disturbed the single coloured walls with their out-of-place positioning along them along with the floors being temporarily stained with similar markings and puddles, soon to be washed away by the firemen's hose spraying along the exterior.

As they pulled up outside of the prison they could see that there were extra guards, police and military forces patrolling the grounds to increase their defence in case of another attack. The car park was consumed with emergency response vehicles, largely consisting of ambulances that were loading up the bodies from both teams whilst attending to the very few injured left behind.

All soldiers waited in their assigned seats until Lance exited his vehicle and was quickly followed by every last member from each vehicle, then they followed Lance in a straight single file formation to the prison entrance where they quickly gained passage through the first doors into reception.

At reception they were asked about their business here when Lance explained that they had been assigned here for the specific prisoner and they immediately recognised as the team they had been informed about during earlier hours. Once it had been noted who they were transferring on their computers, and they were given a printed card with permission to collect the prisoner, they were allowed passage further into the prisoner where they were told to follow the specific coloured strip leading along the floor that lead to each prison block.

Inside the situation looked worse than it had outside. The walls throughout the corridors were stained with blood similar to those outside but the bodies inside were yet to be recovered and had been temporarily brushed aside, as if simple obstructions. After further following the strips through the corridors they passed aside a duo news team that were capturing footage of what had happened in here for a documentary and news report. Upon sight of the team marching through the female reporter abandoned what they were doing and rudely began pestering Lance whilst the camera man pointed at his face and those of his companions.

Lance quickly lost his patience with the news team and reacted violently, shoving the woman up against the wall whilst Kyle directly behind him pushed the over the shoulder camera, equipped by her college, facing down to the ground to avoid capturing any more footage of them.

"If that camera catches another glimpse of me or any of my team I'll have you shot," he threatened the woman whilst pinning her up against the wall, "we're ghosts, we were never here, so if I find us in the final cut I will have you executed. You understand?"

After hardly paying attention to the woman's fear-filled nod, he released his grip of her jacket and proceeded back on track to where they were going, whilst the camera man asked whether the reporter was okay only to be told to continue filming what they previously were.

Whilst they continued walking Lance glimpsed back over his shoulder to Kyle with a smug smile on his face where he received a little laughter in response. No one in their team were evil people, they did everything they could to provide and protect their people, the only reason they had to react some violently was because if they were to be on the news later after being caught on camera their entire operation would be compromised. They were doing what's best for their team, the mission, and ultimately the citizens.

Lance and his team reach the holding cell where their target was being contained inside, guarded by armed soldiers outside of the doors. Aside the two armed guards came their commanding officer who asked them to state their business while placing out his hand. After Lance explained their mission and handed over the card given to him at reception, proving that they had permission to do so.

"Release him."

Before the cell was opened the guards knocked on the metal door, separating them from the prisoner's quarters, and a pair of wrists were presented through the little opening in the door that they had slid open. Handcuffs were immediately latched onto the presented wrists where they were then shoved back inside before being told to stand up against the wall at the back of his cell, then the guards unlocked the door and entered with their rifles aimed at the prisoner who had his face to the wall. A bag was placed over the prisoners head and positioned so his eyes were aligned with the two holes that allowed him to see beyond the mask that hid the rest of his face from sight, only then was Lance's team given permission to claim the prisoner.

Lance ordered Kyle and Naomi to go inside and retrieve the prisoner whilst the commanding officer explained some of the features that the mask he was forced to wear came with. By using the remote handed over to him he could control when the prisoner can see or not with the use of a mechanism that would block the holes in the mask, whether and when the mask could be released or not, tightened or loosened, and finally a similar pure air purification that their gas masks provided them with, giving him safety from any of the bio-terrorists weapons in case of their use.

"And with that, I hand prisoner 492880 over to your team," the officer finished.

"Good," he responded before turning to the prisoner, "you'll now be known as '80' and that's what you'll answer to."

After confirming the prisoners new name, during their transfer, 80 was firstly escorted back through the prison from the way that they came to get back to their vehicles. On their way they passed the camera crew in another corridor where upon sight of them they turned their attention away from them and made sure the camera didn't get any footage of them.

After exiting the prison, the prisoner was placed into Lance's car in the back of the car between Naomi and Chase, and once everyone was back inside of their vehicles in their assigned seats they followed Lance's lead onto the road they came here on and began their journey.

Usually, during transfers and escorts, the VIP would be placed inside of an armoured truck that would then be escorted by cars in front and behind it but not for this mission. This was on the down low, so they were going to do their best to avoid any suspicion, even from the citizens, so they had ordinary looking, but highly modified, vehicles to escort him. They were fast, agile, efficient and were as well equipped as a car could become, giving them a better advantage over the average escort formation, as well as the element of surprise and ability to blend with the crowd.

Within less than half an hour they made it to their first city. Whilst passing through the city the prisoner was forced to keep his head down out of sight so none of the citizens would be able to see him whilst also being deprived of his ability to see, so he was unaware of where they were at all times in the car. This city had been pre-noted to having several infestations throughout so they were all wearing their masks whilst being in the cars, though as expected they didn't go unnoticed while driving through heavily populated streets during traffic.

Curious citizens that were seeing the convoy pass through were already whipping out their phones to take photos and inform their friends, though again this would expose their position and mission so they had to act fast. Installed in the cars dashboard was a button that once pushed created a limited radius, and only temporary, EMP, preventing any of the citizens to use any of their technology whilst they passed on through. This EMP only affected handheld technology and didn't affect vehicles.

The interior of the car has a special cloaking system that prevents the EMP from affecting their vehicles and any of the technology inside of them, leaving all their devices alone. Before getting to the end of the street Lance turned on the radio and began speaking to the rest of his comrades, telling them that they were going to split up to avoid further suspicion.

"Team one and two will go left while three and four go right at this T junction, we'll regroup back at the car park beside the motorway leading out of the city."

Without needing to confirm the orders given to them the teams separated according to the order given to them at the T junction.

The direction that Lance and team two had taken lead them through a district that had suffered a hard strike by the bio-weapons, people were walking around with visible mutations growing from their bodies after being exposed.

"Look at them all, walking through the streets carelessly as if nothing's happened to them, filthy infected."

Kyle spoke his thoughts out loud whilst they passed through the streets which quickly gained Lance's attention, who then went on to say how grateful he should be to be in the line of work he is so he didn't have to be involved with the bio-war directly, so he should forget them and focus on their task at hand.

"I suppose," he replied, "there's enough men trying to sort out the bio-terrorism war while we've got their leader in custody, sooner or later this will all be over."

All inside the vehicle are startled when a jar smashes on Lance's bonnet after it had been thrown from the second floor of an apartment building overhead, where a man continued to ramble on about how they have done nothing to try and prevent the war.

After the person was identified and acknowledged by Kyle looking through the side mirror, Naomi pointed out that there was a strip of mutated flesh on their bonnet that must've been inside of the jar that was thrown at them. The underside of the flesh had gone a dark green colour from where the infection had disrupted the normal blood flow and began attaching itself to each blood cell, while the side that was usually visible to the naked eye had gone from the normal skin colour to a faded blueish colour. The flesh blown off the bonnet after they continued to drive ahead.

"Wait, how does he know who we are?" Chase asked after taking a moment for it to register in his head that they had been identified by a citizen who couldn't even see who they were.

The rest then registered this information with their brains and before giving a reply Lance quickly flipped the radio on and turned the channels until they were on the main news broadcast, which then unintentionally fed them their answers.

"… after our crews violent interaction with the platoon of well-equipped soldiers they returned moments after with a masked prisoner who we can only assume was the prisoner that encouraged the attack on the facility this morning…"


The crew they encountered had gone against what he warned them and had given out a broadcast about their arrival and departure, unintentionally jeopardising their mission. Lance stepped down on the accelerator which was then copied by the vehicle behind them as they made haste through the city.

"The mission's been compromised?" Naomi asked with a frightened tone.

"Yes but we're not about to turn back, this mission is hardly even in motion!" shouted Lance in response before turning back to his radio, "keep going along the road instead of regrouping where I originally said. Don't know whether you've been listening to the radio but the mission has been compromised by those bastards back at the prison, we're going to the next city and making a quick visit at the radio station to stop the broadcast, so step on it!"

After informing the rest of his team he began driving recklessly, switching between the lanes when there was an open opportunity, on the wrong side of the road, to bypass those in front of him so he could get to the motor way as soon as possible. The longer the broadcast was left running the more of a chance the opposing organisation had to listen to it, which would only leave their mission exposed and they would be quickly on their tale.

With the mission exposed they had been taught to always abandon the mission once it became public and return to base before any causalities could arise but it was too early for any of them to want to pull out yet. They were going to stop the broadcast and get out of the city and back on the road as fast as they could to avoid being tailed, though they had little doubt that by now the terrorist would have heard the broadcast, but they could only hope they hadn't.